Hay Fever: A crazy family… story


CUH theater put on “Hay Fever” by Noel Coward in CTCC’s black box

Brandee Lima

“Hay Fever” by Noel Coward is a high comedy, loosely based on the author’s weekend experience at his good friend’s country home. A family of four, each invite a guest over to the house without informing anyone. The play stars a group of regular people trying to survive a weekend with the dramatic Bliss family.

This video features interviews with the David Bliss actor Dr. Cliff Bieberly, director Father Robert Bouffier and Chaminade senior Alanah Torre.


The cast included:

Judith Bliss:
Stacia Garlach

David Bliss:
Cliff Bieberly

Simon Bliss:
Treston Silva

Sorel Bliss:
Shannon Gray

Sandy Tyrell:
Adam Brewer

Jackie Coryton:
Angelica Lewis

Myra Arundel:
Ashleigh Taylor

Richard Greatham:
Aaron Anthony Harper

Marchella Versteegh



The crew included:

Technical Director and Design Advisor:
Christopher Patrinos

Stage Manager and Property Master:
Rachael Paeste

Lighting Designer:
Adam Brewer

Scenic Design:
Dacia Samilo and Liezl Duldulao

Audio Visual (Allied) Design:
Natasha Enos and Claire Paul

Sister Grace Capella

Toni Silva

Brandon Fierro
Marchella Verstegh
Thi Chhoeun
Rory McCarthy
Ashleigh Taylor
Vinney Atalig-Hocog
Millie Mongalo

Marketing and Graphic Design:
Shannon Gray