Win-Spuntino allows for a good, quick cheap Italian food fix


Win-Spuntino offers a variety of quick Italian food. Pictured above is the Chicken Sorrentino for $10.25.

4 out of 5 stars

Win-Spuntino is a small, 20-seat Italian café that just opened this past summer in Market City Mall at the intersection of Kapiolani Boulevard and King Street. It’s easy to miss the place, since the entrance is at the top of a narrow stairwell next to Thai Issan Cuisine, adjacent to Foodland.

Like most people, before I go to any restaurant, I have to check the place out on Yelp. The reviews were better than good, with a four-and-a-half star rating. The menu items most talked about included the lasagna, shrimp scampi and the chicken anchovy olio. The majority of the reviewers demanded that readers get the lasagna, so of course, I had to try it.

The meat to sauce to noodle to cheese ratio was near perfect. I love cheese. So when there is a great big goop of cheese in every bite, I am beyond happy. Trying to find the perfect balance of meat and sauce is a difficult one. My mom is a more sauce, less meat type of person, while my dad is a meat, meat and more meat with enough sauce to make sure the lasagna is moist. While my mom is easy to please, my dad is the complete opposite. My dad will complain non-stop if my mom buys lasagna instead of making it from scratch. The main source of his grumbling is normally the meat-to-sauce ratio.

Since I was doing this review, my mom and I took some lasagna home to put it to the test. Amazingly while we dined, the man to my left was silent, not even a hint of a complaint from him. I had to actually ask for his opinion, to which he said, “It’s the best lasagna, not made by your mom, I’ve had in a while.”

The trait that puts this cafe over the top is the value. The prices are comparable to other take-out places, with prices ranging from $6 to $12. However, the quantity given here dwarfs all other competitors. The amount of food Win-Spuntino packs into one styrofoam container is enough to feed two hungry people. The restaurant also offers a 10 percent student discount, so make sure to show the cashier your student ID.

The place is clean, cute and comfortable if you go during slow hours, and the staff is kind and attentive. The kitchen is in plain sight, and for me, that’s always a plus, since I like to see my food prepared. The venue is small, so it’s best to take out. If you call them and order takeout, they’ll ask you what time you want it done and will have it ready for pickup. I took my food home to Kaneohe, through traffic, and threw it into the microwave to heat up. And it still tasted fresh and great.

Win-Spuntino isn’t trying to be some authentic Italian restaurant, with flowers on the tables, dim lighting and romantic music in the background. But it’s great place to run in and get that Italian food fix.



2919 Kapiolani Blvd, Suite 300

(808) 732-1888

Monday – Sunday
10:30a.m. – 9p.m.