Top 10: Scariest places on Oahu


Hale Lokelani dorm is haunted.

For centuries storytelling has been a way for humans to communicate with one another. Stories may leave you with tears rolling down your cheeks or laughing till you have a six-pack. But, one specific type of story creates those bumps on your skin and leaves you with chills running down your spine. These are known as ghost stories, which are still being retold on the island of Oahu.

Below are the top 10 spookiest ghost stories you will ever hear. The first four stories are according to Catherine Toth, a writer for The Honolulu Magazine.

10. Old Waialae Drive Theater
An outdoor theater on Waialae Drive that closed in the 1980s was adjacent to an old graveyard. Stories were told about a faceless woman who supposedly would haunt the women’s restroom, pounding on stall doors and appearing in the mirror.

9. Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii-Manoa
Students at UH-Manoa have claimed to hear strange noises as well as seeing spirits in the library and bathrooms.

8. Kipapa Gulch in Mililani
A major battle in Hawaiian history was fought on this bridge. Here, the famous night marchers with torches in their hands trek down the mountainside. Night Marchers are ancient warriors that roam the islands of Hawaii during the darkest hours of the night. Legend has it, if you look straight into a night marchers’ eye, you will be forced to roam the islands for eternity with them.

7. The 16th Avenue Bridge in Kaimuki
About six years ago, a little girl was instantly killed in a hit-and-run accident. Some people say that her spirit still haunts the area by asking for directions on how to get home, only to vanish when the bridge ends.

6. The North Shore
Little do the residents and visitors of Oahu know a house on the North Shore is haunted. According to the website, a woman once lived there that became so infuriated with her infant child that she killed and buried him beneath the house. People have said that during the early morning hours, a baby’s cry can be heard throughout the house, yet no one can detect where the cry is coming from.

5. Kaimuki House
As said on the website, one night in the summer of 1942, a woman was screaming that a spirit was trying to kill her children. The police came and for hours they could only stare, as the woman’s three kids were thrown across the room, hit repeatedly and levitated by an unknown force. In the end, the mother stared helplessly as the spirit ripped apart her children right before her eyes.

4. Bishop Museum
A Bishop Museum tour guide claims that ancient legends say that nothing should be taken from a heiau (a place of worship and human sacrifice). However, an exhibit designer from the Bishop Museum was oblivious to that saying and because his task was to replicate a heiau he took lava stones from an existing one and placed it in the Bishop Museum. One day a mother had a terrible dream that if her son went to work, there would be blood everywhere. The son shrugged it off and said that if he didn’t go then they couldn’t eat. That day at work, he was assigned to fix the roof. He fell straight through and died instantly on the heiau’s lava stones right below.

3. Dole Cannery Theaters
The website states that this theater was build on top of a heiau. In the early ‘80es a bus filled with children crashed at the same site. People have claimed that in the bathrooms you can still hear the voices of the children and bus driver.

2. Interstate H-1
This highway took seven years to build because old Hawaiian warriors would scare the workers off. It is said that when you go through the tunnel of the mountain,you can still hear the cries of the ancient Hawaiians, which is stated in website.

1. Chaminade University
Students and Faculty at Chaminade claim that the Dorm Lokelani used to be a children’s hospital during World War II. Hearing children’s voices, feeling spirits around you and seeing doors open by themselves is what some residents come to know. There is one room, Room 208, which is said to have been the place where both a suicide was committed and an exorcism had taken place.