Top 10: Necessary items to carry in a purse

Top 10: Necessary items to carry in a purse

Be prepared for the unexpected by caring items to help prevent disasters.

Voila! Carrying certain items in your purse can save you from stress and unfortunate surprises such as a rip in your shirt. A purse doesn’t just have to be a fashion statement it can also act as a safety kit. Take these precautions into consideration and prepare to make your life easier. Carrying the right items in a purse can make life easier.

10.  Mace

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially, being a woman you need carry a source protection like Mace.  Life is complicated enough don’t let little obstacles get in the way.

 9. Feminine products

 Outsmart Mother Nature by being prepared. There is no predicting when Mother Nature is going strike. Make life less hectic carry around feminine products to avoid pain and be sanitary. Be prepared for the unexpected is key especially when being a woman.

8. Gum and breath fresheners

There is nothing less attractive than having bad breath. People may step back and not even want to speak to you. With gum or breath fresheners in your bag, you can avoid embarrassing moments and create good first impressions.

 7. Painkillers

 Unfortunately, one can never predict when headaches come. Be prepared and carry Advil or some type of painkiller. This can save people from an earthquake of a headache. It’s relief in a bottle in your purse.

 6. Lighter

 With all of those smokers out there sometimes people just need a light. When carrying around a lighter, it can aid in times of stress and chaos with a flick of a finger. A lighter can serve many purposes other than lighting a cigarette; such as lighting candles and can even burn loose ends off the end of a garment.

 5. Brush/comb

 Showing up at work looking like you crept out of bed is not appealing. Having a brush or comb can make looking more professional and clean easier. Avoid looking like tumbleweed and carry a brush.

4. Snacks

 Hunger can push the sweetest person into a wild animal. Carrying food in a purse can help hunger and others as well. It’s important to start the day off with energy and focus. When carrying food you can eat and share with others too.

3. Safety pins/sewing kit

 Fashion emergencies can happen at any given moment. A person can be having a great laugh with friends, and then starts to notice everyone is laughing at them after the joke has stopped. Surprise, turns out there is a rip in a shirt the size of Texas. Fortunately, now there are mini travel size sewing kits people can carry in their bag’s to help prevent fashion disasters.

2.    Dental floss

 During a date, a girl smiles and her boyfriend starts laughing, meaning there is probably something in her teeth. It’s important to avoid food particles in your teeth, and carrying around dental floss can stop embarrassing moments from happening.

 1.  Hand sanitizer

Carrying around hand sanitizer should almost be automatic. Hand sanitizer will eliminate the chances of catching and spreading colds and can kill germs and keep you clean and safe.