Vine makes people do crazy things


Jerome Jarre, a popular Vine user, startles a random truck driver from his nap by singing “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by the Young Rascals.

We’ve all done some crazy things before – some crazier than others.

But now Vine, which is a popular video sharing app that was released in early 2013, allows users to share their wild antics in the form of 7-second clips.

Vine has caused people to act as ridiculous as possible, and some of these antics shouldn’t even be publicized in the first place.

Yes, it’s that ridiculous.

Here’s an example of “Vine Gone Wild:”

In July 2013, “The Huffington Post” released a story about a popular Vine user, Kyle M.F. Williams, who is known to his fans as “Keelayjams.” After claiming that he was tired of posting video clips on Vine, Williams reluctantly tweeted his login information to his followers, who posted crazy 7-second clips on his account. Some of these clips included setting salad on fire, slicing a holographic horse in half and spelling “Amanda Bynes” on a wall with white bread.

Pretty strange, but it doesn’t stop there.

Williams reported that 30 clips were posted on his Vine profile – and more were posted the next day. He was denied access to his own account, so he remedied the situation by downloading the Vines that were left on his page, uploaded the Vines to a Tumblr blog and deleted the clips permanently.

While Vine is known for its absurd video clips, it encourages its users to be creative and simply have fun when creating these brief snippets. Some individuals have rose to Internet fame because of a certain clip they may have posted.

For instance, French entrepreneur Jerome Jarre skyrocketed to being one of Vine’s most popular users through a 6-second clip in which he asked the audience, “Why is everybody so afraid of love?” He then proceeds to startle a random old woman by yelling out “LOVE!”

Vine users take a stab at public humiliating themselves or others, all for the amusement of their viewers. Some of these Vine clips are funny and the strangers that are approached by users may find it to be a funny experience.

But some strangers, on the other hand, may be shocked or offended that they

are in these clips, which leads to the ultimate question: When do Viners know that they’ve gone too far?

A trending hashtag, “#DoItFortheVine,” is filled with Vine clips that may invoke gasps instead of laughs. It’s like an extreme version of Truth or Dare for Vine users.

One extreme example is a clip of Lele Pons, a popular Viner who is known for her infamously wild acts. In one particular Vine clip, she yells, “Do it for the Vine!” while smashing whipped cream into a police officer’s face. The cop proceeds to yell and chase after her, while she runs off screaming.

Other Vine users have been shown to set someone else on fire, wake up someone using a gun and fireworks and jump into the bed of a stranger’s truck as they drive away.

If people want to act like maniacs, it shouldn’t be shown in public. Videos and pictures depicting an individual’s crazy antics should be kept private rather than making it a viral sensation; otherwise, these people will never be seen as professional and may plummet into public humiliation.

Moral of the story: Be careful of what you post. Never post anything of yourself that you’ll regret later, because once it’s on the Internet, it’ll be there forever.