Top 10: Ugliest Fashion Trends of the New Millennium (So Far!)

Top 10: Ugliest Fashion Trends of the New Millennium (So Far!)

Do you not own a mirror? Someone call the fashion police! Everyone has an off day but to make everyday an “off day” is anything but cute.

Going through old pictures can either make you sigh with nostalgia or shake your head with complete disgust. Everyone has made a fashion blunder or two in their life. While some can make you burst with laughter, others can send a wave of horror. Remember slap wrist bracelets? Have you ever worn jelly sandals? What about light up belt buckles? These are the Top 10 Ugliest Fashion Trends of the New Millennium (So Far!).

10. Florescent Colored Skinny Jeans

Ah yes, the ‘80s made a huge comeback during the mid-2000s. Florescent colors were everywhere from jewelry to clothes to accessories, and teens especially ate this up when it came to their jeans. Not only girls but boys rocked these loud colors shamelessly. People could be seen a mile away as if they popped out of a Lucky Charms box.

9. Excessively Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes were more or less popular in the 1990s when men and women alike wore oversized jeans, large shirts and a snap back. The early 2000s took the baggy look to a whole new level of extreme with men rocking XXXL T-shirts while swimming in their jeans. Apparently, some took the motto “go big or go home” seriously. Maybe a little too seriously.

8.  Uggs

Depending on where you live, boots are only called for during winter. However, the popularity of Australian boots, Uggs, made it fashionable to have comfy feet during any time of the year. Are you going to the beach? Wear Uggs. Just rolled out of bed? Wear Uggs. Didn’t have time to coordinate a decent outfit? Dress up with Uggs. Uggs are used for any occasion if being lazy is your style.

7. Half-Shaved Hair

Thanks to the pop singer Cassie, girls everywhere immediately started shaving one side of their hair entirely off. Some even went as far as putting designs, such a leopard print or stars or dying the shaved side with crazy colors. When done correctly with the right style to go with it, it looks pretty awesome. However, most look like they lost a fight with a pair of clippers.

6.  Ugly Sweaters

How this made a comeback boggles the mind. What was once a resented Christmas present by well-meaning relatives became a must have. Somewhere a hipster is proud to wear his Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sweatshirt claiming to be an “original trend setter.” Yeah right.

Yes, we have all had an off day, including myself. I was walking around in public with a big, gray sweater and a backwards trucker cap. I wonder why no one attempted to stop me!
Yes, we have all had an off day, including myself. I was walking around in public with a big, gray sweater and a backwards trucker cap. This was one of my many fashion blunders. I have had worse.

5.  Wearing Glasses without the Lenses

Somehow being a nerd became cute. Wearing glasses without the lenses meant that you were nerdy, but not too nerdy to not have any fashion sense. For those of us that do wear prescription glasses, we are way ahead of you. The illusion of looking like you have eyesight problems is anything but attractive.

4. Ed Hardy 

This has to be one of the tackiest trends ever. Throw animation, a bedazzler and every color imaginable, and there you have Ed Hardy. This was basically an art project gone wrong.

3. Harem Pants

MC Hammer warned us not to touch these, but we just had to be rebellious. Wearing a parachute is not a good look outside of a dance studio. Let’s please leave this behind and never touch them again.

2. Graphic Leggings

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, and you will certainly be noticed if you wear these. Unless you know you can pull this off pretty darn well, then graphic leggings aren’t your friend. Let’s leave the graphics to the advertisements as it should.

1. Birkenstocks

The only question that comes to mind when anyone steps out in public with these shoes is why. Unless you are a 70-year-old man who can’t see your feet due to a protruding belly then by all means wear them. However, Birkenstocks should have been kept in the closet and never see the light of day again.