Never too old to jump on trampolines


Get ready for a full hour of jumps at iTrampoline located in Kapolei.

A warehouse filled with dozens of trampolines formed into a huge play area is a dream for many kids but for adults it’s a place where they can jump around and feel like a youngster again. Diving face first into a pit full of foam or finally touching the rim of a basketball net, are just some of the activities a person can do while spending their time at iTrampoline, but the way workers run the place is what people may find a turn-off.

Located on the west side of the island, iTrampoline can be found behind Costco located in Kapolei. It may take a while trying to find the place, so for directions call the place because if a person were to use his or her GPS, he or she may find him or herself in a deserted area of Kapolei, right outside of a paintball field. For those who are eligible to receive the Kaim’aina discount, the price is $18 for the first hour. If not, general admission costs $25 for an hour, a little pricey for what the place has to offer.

Upon entering, visitors are asked to sign a waiver basically signing their life away. They are then forced to listen to a safety briefing in which an unenthusiastic worker mentions the caution and safety procedures. Once the speech is done, visitors are then free to roam around the area.

iTrampoline offers a variety of trampoline areas that people can choose from such as, dodge ball, basketball, a foam pit and an area composed of a bunch trampolines. The place also has a play area for younger kids that include a bouncy house. Family members can watch television in the waiting area, which consists of black couches in the center of the room.

Going on a weekday is the best way to get an open court. On the weekends iTrampoline gets bombarded with people and leaves limited room to jump around. The rules, such as do not attempt double flips, do not sit or lie down, no climbing or hanging on wall pads and no rough play or running, downgrade the amount of fun a person can have. The court monitors take the rules very seriously. With every step you take, they are there watching you like a vulture waiting for its prey. They constantly stare at what you’re doing, making it awkward to jump around. People can’t jump without a court monitor on duty. Yes, safety is important in this type of environment but with only one other person jumping, what is there to watch?

The thrill of jumping on trampolines with friends is what attracts many young adults to visit iTrampoline. Wearing comfortable clothing will make the experience more relaxing. Although the room is equipped with large ceiling fans, after jumping for five minutes, sweat starts to drip down like bullets. Going with a large amount of friends is also a better idea than going with one or two friends. It will allow you to have more people to play dodge ball with and maybe the court monitors will be too overwhelmed with the amount of people, to stalk your every move.

Having a warehouse full of trampolines is a great idea and with the right people, a fun place to hang out. If the prices were cheaper or they extended the amount of time people were allowed to jump for, maybe more people would be willing to pay.