Little acts can save the Earth


In 2011, 29 billion water bottles were used in the United States.

Today, our generation is so dependent on technology and electronics that the Earth is taken for granted and forgotten. The Earth gives back to all the living organisms that exist on it. Earth Day is made to present awareness of the environment and natural resources that the Earth provides and is celebrated every year on April 22.

Many think Earth Day means to plant a tree, but it is more than that. People plant trees on Earth Day to symbolize the recognition of the natural resources the Earth provides. Celebrating Earth Day doesn’t have to be about planting a tree; it’s about taking notice of the natural resources that is being wasted or not being use to its ability.

For college students, it is difficult to stop the day and plant a tree or save a baby duck from an oil spill, but small acts that can be performed daily to either provide awareness or help the environment.

Water bottle investments
Many students on campus are starting to hydrate adequately with water. Although they are replacing artificially flavored sports drinks and sugary soda with water, students are buying brand-name water from stores instead of investing in a water bottle. By swapping the daily disposable water bottle for reusable a bottle, the amount of plastic in the world will cut back extremely. According to National Geographic, in the United States, 29 billion bottles of water was used 2011.

Unplug vampire energy
Because technology is vital in our generation, it is essential that our phones, tablets and digital cameras are constantly being charged, even when they are fully charged. Many don’t realize that when a charger is plugged into an outlet, even when not charging anything, it still draws electricity. Unplugging chargers and electronics is the logical resolution, but many look at it as a hassle. By plugging all your chargers into one power strip, unplugging up to nine chargers will be easy as flipping a switch.

BagReusable bag trends
Leisure shopping is fun, especially to many female college students. Shopping can be so pleasurable that shopping bags tend to become accessories but only until the shopping bags have reached home. The shopping bags then become piled into a cluttered mess. Instead of adding more to the world’s plastic disaster collection, using 99 cent reusable bags while on a shopping spree will reduce the world’s waste. Many stores such as Forever 21 and Old Navy sell reusable bags with trendy graphics and vintage designs.

Go postal with junk mail
Since the invention of the Internet, the amount of post mail that is sent out has reduced, but it seems that we are receiving more junk mail than ever. Junk mail has always been an annoyance and ends up getting thrown away, which is wasted paper. To save the sanity of post mail receivers and mother nature write “please remove” on the junk mail you wish to discontinue receiving and place it back in the mail box.

Work it out outside
In college, students tend to become gym rats, which isn’t bad – it’s great! But getting to the gym involves driving. With the ridiculous traffic in Hawaii, the gym can be two miles away and it will still take 30 minutes to get there. Instead of wasting the gas and time, workout at a close-by park. Working out outside at a park opens the opportunity to take notice of what the Earth provides, like the trees, flowers and grass. Also, by taking the time to work out away from the gym, less electricity will be consumed. Instead of running an hour on a treadmill taking up energy, running outside will reduce the use electricity and promoting awareness of the environment.