Chaminade confesses all


The many confessions posted on the CUH Confession Facebook page allow readers to like and comment on them.

“Sorry that I broke student-staff conduct code and partied with the students. I just wanted to party,” said on Feb. 13, is one of the many confessions that has made its way on to the new CUH Confessions Facebook page. Confessions range from simple desires to specific sexual acts or boast about illegal drug use on campus. Whether these confessions are true is questionable.

Online confessions aren’t anything new. But an anonymous freshman student at Chaminade felt that the school needed a confessions page of it’s own.

CUH Confessions, is a venue for people to anonymously post their deepest secrets or share they’re view of the world.

Confessions pages similar to CUH Confessions have sprung up in many universities across the nation.

CUH Confessions was created as a Facebook page on Jan. 28 by an anonymous freshman student who does not wish to be identified. Attached to the site is a link to a survey website that allows anyone to post an anonymous confession.  The site claims it is not affiliated with Chaminade in any way.

CUH Confessions uses a free survey website, though, so after 100 confessions, the administrator of has to renew the survey. Only one confession can be posted from a computer or other device during a survey, making it difficult to submit. The administrator claimed to be working on the problem but so far it still remains.

Within the first day of creation, the site already had more than a 100 likes, and for a small school, the popularity of CUH Confessions rose quickly. Only a week after the site was in existence, it was receiving 10-20 confessions per day, the creator said.

CUH Confessions gives people the opportunity to share their confessions to the community, but also it could allow users to post potentially harmful confessions toward specific people.

The school has apparently contacted the administrator of CUH Confessions about being careful when posting confessions including names to the page.

“If you just have a crush on someone and you post that, I’ll go ahead and post it or if you think someone is cute or a teacher is hot,” CUH Confessions said. “But I have had some really disturbing confessions that was straight up about cheating and all that and I took the name out of them.”

For many, this might come as a surprise, although some of confessions could possibly harm an individual’s reputation.

Currently, CUH Confessions page has 434 likes, which pales in comparison to the University of Hawaii’s Confession page that has more than 11,000 likes.

“I’m sure the administrators would prefer if such a thing didn’t exist,” said Tom Galli, a Chaminade communications professor. “But if you compare the CUH Confession’s website to pick your top 100 university somewhere else in the country and look at their confessions website, I think you’d find that we fare pretty favorably to whatever stigma might come from such a website.”

The difference from other schools is that Chaminade is a Catholic university that may have a different or higher set of ethics. For example, Chaminade doesn’t allow drinking in the dorms. If people actually abide by these rules remains in question.

“I can’t say that I’ve seen a lot of evidence in the students I’ve interacted with over the years that being a Catholic university has had a lot of impact in the way they live their lives,” Galli said.

The CUH Confessions administrator recently posted that the page hasn’t received any “good” confessions in a while so it could be that the hype of CUH Confessions was short lived and the total enrollment of 2,899 at Chaminade is limiting.

For those looking to divulge their juicy secrets or simply ease their conscience, visit the CUH Confessions Facebook page or even send a message to the administrator.