Just Jump


Mathias is not scared of jumping out of planes.

When you jump out of a plane at 20,000 feet, it is a feeling of madness and adrenaline all put into one, an out-of-body experience at its finest. In Hawaii, skydiving is looked at as more of a hobby rather than a dangerous stunt.

At Skydive Hawaii, located in the North Shore, you can experience this thrill of a lifetime. Skydive Hawaii was selected #1 in 2011 out of various skydiving companies for people making their first jump. They assist you falling through clouds at 120 mph. A thrill you might never forget should be remembered, this is why you can purchase photographs and video of your jump through Skydive Hawaii.

“Being able to watch myself jump from 20,00 feet was insane,” said Jay Cantu at Hawaii Hawaii Pacific University. Tell yourself you went skydiving and look at your reaction.”

Walking into a plane with a parachute being carried on your back is an intense feeling. There’s really only one thing you can think of, and it’s that hopefully the parachute comes out correctly. If you have a fear of planes then you have nothing to worry about because the plane trip is a short 10 min flight. The fear of planes is out the window, and the fear of jumping 20,000 feet from the sky has embraced your mind. The one feeling of confidence is the certified skydiver attached to your back, in which he or she assists you with your jump.

“The gorgeous views from the plane window on the assent distracted me from the fact that I was about to jump out of an airplane! The intense feeling of sitting on the edge of the plane getting ready to jump, and knowing that there is no turning back is probably one of the most intense feelings that I have ever experienced. Once I jumped all of those thoughts were erased and all I could think of was how exhilarating it was. I would definitely go again, said Rebecca Smith a University of Hawaii graduate.”

Fearless is a strong word, but after flying through the planet at 120mph that is the sense that is welcomed. Being able to move at those speeds and hear yourself thinking is quiet extraordinary.

You free fall from the sky for about 45 seconds. Once the parachute is dispersed it is smooth sailings, besides the rash marks you get from the weight of the straps pulling you up with the parachute. The rashes you might receive from the experience is not a distraction of what you just did and accomplished.

We watch movies and see stunt devils jump out of planes, skyscrapers, cliffs. Why not be the person that jumps out a plane for a change? This is the encouragement I gave myself before I signed up to jump.