Finals and Priorities


Books and papers are what should be on your mind during Finals.

With finals coming up next week, many college students including Chaminade students are cramming in their last-minute papers and study sessions. It is the busiest time of the semester for a college student right now.

“I have not left my room for three days straight,” said Jason Myers a nursing student at HPU. “Being in college, you have to learn how to put your big boy pants.”

Finals are a special time of year. College campuses are quiet for a change, the libraries are packed, and many looks of fear and insecurity are roaming around. I had an early final recently and I was in the library for 20 straight hours, and it was just for one exam for one class. A final is always going to be worth a major portion of your grade, this is why it is so important.

Many kids who do great in high school are not always the brightest students in college. Being a part of an institution and having students living around you at all times, could become overwhelming.

Freshmen will always be freshmen, and this is why they have the most problems staying in college after getting accepted. Transitioning from an organized life, to a college life is wild and filled with responsibility.

“The problem with most freshmen is that they forget they are students,” said University of Hawaii graduate Mailie Lauli’ipo’makanani.

Prioritizing your life with your academics is key to a successful finals week. You will never be a full-time student and be able to take two courses. At Chaminade, in order to be a full-time student you must take 12 credits, that means your schedule will be prioritized with three to four classes under your belt. Four classes  is a good amount of hours to keep you busy throughout the week. The key to being a successful student is not saving everything till the last minute.

When your trying to crank out a seven page paper in one night and you have a test the next day as well, this is where the average college student falls. The brain can only work s hard, when you cram you rush, and doing work in a rush is never good work. There is more then enough time in a college semester to do homework and study, as well as party and enjoy tour young age.

“I’m on the Deans list, I party, I DJ, and I work at Sohos,”said Jay Cantu a sophomore student at HPU.” I’ll never fail school baby.”

With finals starting this coming Monday, be expecting College Campuses to be silent and empty, well, the library won’t be empty.