Best YouTube time killer


Remi Gillard’s Pac Man is a hysterical video, take a look.

With finals week coming up and students getting everything in last minute, there is no way that students or professors get a bit of personal time.

To release some of the unwanted stress, waste some of the day on YouTube and watch videos that will entertain your mind and temporary relieve you of all your worries.

I have made a list of the top 5 categories with my favorite videos from YouTube to hopefully put some stress relief in your day.

Top 5 Video Categories:

Animals: Pets even zoo animals are the world’s best comedians. They entertain with not just tricks but everyday matters like sleeping, eating and walking.

• Have you ever seen a baby penguin laugh? It makes a strange noise, which sounds like a squeaky toy.

• When dogs sleep they say when they’re dreaming they are playing wyith the angles, I don’t think I’ve heard about them running into walls.

• Sometimes the wind-blown look isn’t always the best, but in this case it’s worth it.

• Small animals like mice are known to run in balls, but this kitten is putting it to good use.

Hamsters run on wheels, but have you ever seen them do it like this?

Stalking cats tend to be really creepy, but this one is sly and cute.

Pranks: Pranks are a lot of fun as long as it’s not done to you but someone else; simple household items can be the best pranks.

• After the bath salts incident, zombie pranks have been all the rage. It’s amazing how many people will run from someone dressed up like a zombie.

• Video games are a part of almost everyone’s childhood.

  • Pac Man: This game is known by almost everyone, the object is to get away from the ghosts chasing after you and eat as many cherry’s as you can. This version is something that you just have to see.
  • Mario: Who would have ever thought about making a Mario game into reality? Remi Gillard did in a hilarious way that viewers should not do at home.

• What’s so scary about the big bad snowman?

Couple pranks, they are so vicious.

Ghost: Sometimes it’s just fun to scare yourself.

• I guess some people just don’t want to leave the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

• Things are just too close to home sometimes.

• If no one else was home and you heard crying, would you really go and investigate?

• This is what you get when you play with Ouija Boards. Never play with Ouiji Boards.

Spoof/Parody: Remakes of movies are always the best because they bring the unknown humor out of the movies.

Pokemon: The characters are in a different style that is more like the anime of today like naruto.

Harry Potter: If you haven’t seen any episodes from how it should have ended, take a look at this.

Barney: Barney is  a dinosaur of our imaginations and character from most of our childhoods, take a look at this ridiculous version of him. You would not expect what comes out of his mouth.

Dragon Ball: Nahson is the creator of this video and takes Dragon Ball in a completely different direction, if your a Dragon Ball fan take a look.

Funny Music Videos/Songs: These are great to pick you up when you’re out-of-your-mind tired. They maybe old, but they are still entertaining.

• Psy – Gangnam Style is a popular viral video at the moment, the video gives you a slight look at South Korea and its humor.

• El Mudo – Chacarron Macarron is only hilarious due to the fact that you have no idea what so ever what the singer is trying to say.

• Bloodhound Gang – If you remember watching Discovery Channel a long time ago The Bad Touch was the song used as the theme song, what nobody knows is that this is a hilarious video

• Eminem – Just Lose It, the video that made fun of all the scandalous and hilarious events that happened to actors and singers of the 20th century.