Real life around the corner


Photo taken at graduation of May 2012.

For seniors that will be graduating this December or May, there are better activities to prepare for the real world instead of “freaking out” over the idea of leaving college with no clue of what to do next.

Take a look at the helpful tip list of what students should be doing before throwing their caps in the air.

1. Résumé – write a résumé and have Career Services and a teacher in your field review it.

2. Internships– Look for internships while in college and even after graduation. It is a great way to create strong connections with jobs. Plus, it makes you productive and experienced, which looks good on the résumé.

3. Mock interviews – Practice interview skills at the comfort of own home. Use roommates, parents or a mirror.

4. Job search – Learn how to use new social media outlets such as Linkedin. Setting up a good profile gives a better chance for companies to get in contact. The goal nowadays is not to send a résumé but to have companies ask for it, and it’s done through networking.

5. Job search “buddy” – Have a “job club” to get together with friends, support each other and share information. It can get lonely and depressing.

6. Informational interview– Talk to other people about how they broke in their field, what they did, ask for advices and “hey – here is my résumé.”

7. Loans – Learn as much as much as possible about managing finances and paying back loans. Talk to a financial aid adviser prior on graduating will be helpful.

8. Have goals – “The last thing an employee wants to hear is that you will take anything,” said Kim Graves, the Student Support Services director. “If you can’t tell the employee clearly what you want and why, they are not going to hire.”

9. Forgive and forget – Problems that may seem huge right now will seem small after college. So, if you are involved in dispute or problems with friends, make amends now.

10. Enjoy – “Enjoy every moment with your friends,” said Curtis Washburn, Academic Adviser director. “And if you are leaving Hawaii after graduation, do the things you’ve always wanted to do but put off. College is an amazing time in your life.”