Scary halloween movies


Watching scary movies at this time of the year is so much fun.

Looking to get scared in this Halloween. I love watching scary movies especially the ones that make you jump, and you don’t want to go to sleep after you finish watching it. At this time of the year, there are a lot of scary movies but here’s the list of some of my scary movies.

10. The Hills Have Eyes: This is about a favorite family traveling to California and car breaks down in desert. In an area closed to the public. Violent savages inhabit it, and people start to get eaten and killed. The part really scared me most was when the lady hid herself in the closet from the killer and the camera was behind her and you couldn’t tell what was going to happen. The closet started to open without anything touching it.

9. Scream: In Scream the way the guy was killing people was kind of fun. He would call young girls and ask them if they like scary movies and they would explain to him what was going on in the movie and that’s the exact way that he’s going to kill you. The part I was most scared about was the first girl he called, and they were talking on the phone, and the guy broke the glass window to get her. That was intense.

8. Fright Night: This movie is about a man who is a vampire and moves to neighborhood. He invites two girls over and kills them by sucking their blood. A curious young guy fins out that his neighbor is a vampire, and he does some research to get prepared. The part really scared me was when the boy went to his house trying to help a lady to escape and he open the room that a young girl and boy were in left, but nobody knew how to get out.

7. The Ring: A young journalist must investigate mysterious videotape, which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it. It was interesting, but the scariest part of this movie was if your phone ring while watching it.

6. Insidious: This is about a little kid who inexplicably falls into a deep coma and has a time hard time revering the scariest part was the little kid mom was walking boy’s room when she heard a noise the door slam behind her.

5. The Apparition: This is really good movie about young guys from university doing their experiment about parapsychology, and the horrifying apparition feeds on their fear and torments them no matter where they try to run. The scariest part was when they were investigating. The light went off and when the fish light comes in you can see this giant monster on the wall.

4. Apartment 143: This new apartment had some weird noise and the telephone call not talking. And the parapsychologist starts an investigation to figure out what going on, and people start dying weirdly. The scary part was when the light went off and on and one of the parapsychologists was on roof upside down.

3. The Crazies: A small town has infected water and people start killing each other, and a husband and wife find themselves battling for survival as their friends and family descend into madness. The part that scares me was when the guy walks on to a field while people are play baseball with a long and big knife.

2. Saw: Two men wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who’s been nicknamed Jigsaw, and the scary part was when the guy was opening his car in the parking lot and the something jumped at him coming from nowhere and kill him.

1. Paranormal Activity: The first one was my favorite. It’s that movie was intense, and it was the movie I watch and I love it because after I watch it can’t go to bed because it is still in my head, I was scared from the beginning of the movie when the doors slam and people get lifted off their bed.