Scuba Diving without certification


The exotic fish once you reach the rock, about a 10 minute swim.

The smell of the salty ocean air, the sun shining down from above and cold waves rolling over the sand. Going on my second scuba diving excursion I was still overly excited to swim with the different types of fish, yet crossing my fingers hoping that something horrible won’t happen. Geared up in a wetsuit that protects from the oceans cold water and a heavy oxygen tank strapped in back, pulling with all its might in the opposite direction.

The waiting, which felt like eternity, makes you anxious and slightly anticipating the worst to happen. Finally making a beeline after the instructor towards the ocean you decide to slowly walk in, to the point where it’s up to your chest. After you get used to the water you go in headfirst into the great blue holding onto the instructor’s hand with a strong grip not willing to let go.

About a 15 minute drive from South Pacific Water Sports in Koko Marina, to Makai Pier.
Photo by Keri Lynne

After what seems to be 10 minutes of swimming around all disoriented, you finally reaching the giant rock in the middle of nowhere, which is where you feed the fish, with schools of fish swarming around waiting to be fed. Surly the fish knew that someone was coming to feed them; especially by the way they greet you. In the surrounding area it is filled with parrotfish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, butterfly fish and surgeonfish. It was close enough to touch.

It was an amazing experience that relaxes the very being of your soul. This experience is what underwater paradise should be depicted as.

The beach beginner’s dive, also known as the Discovery Dive, made for people who have never gone scuba diving before. With any other company, this specific dive would be based out of a swimming pool. Marine Tours, however, would be out in the ocean close to shore, accessible by foot and no boat is needed.

Marine Tours is a company that takes novices out to scuba dive and has been established for more than 18 years. Dan Kelly, a dive instructor, is the founder of Marine Tours.

Kelly has been diving for more than 40 years. He has been a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified diving instructor since 1992 and a Coast Guard certified captain and is CPR certified.

Then there is Akio Otani, who is one of the dive instructors and took me out on my first dive. Otani, who prefers to be called Bob, has a master scuba diving trainer license and is also PADI certified.

A driver, normally the instructor, picks you up and takes you to Makai Pier, which is between Sea Life Park and Waimanalo. On the way to Makai Pier the instructor gives directions on how to put on the mask and how to use the mouthpiece. The instructor also teaches different hand signals that help inform them if something is wrong.

Being out there was an amazing experience, so peaceful and beautiful.
Photo by Keri Lynne


Once reaching the location you are given a wetsuit, flippers and a tank. The instructor will walk everyone in the group down to the water and show a technique on how to put on the flippers. At the same time gradually getting the group used to the water with breathing exercises.

After all is said and done you’re off.

This activity would be great for a group of friends that want to start the morning with a little bit of relaxation, it’s also a lot fun for a person going alone. The workers are really friendly and they give you all the information that you would need. In total this activity takes about an hour and a half (instructions and dive), you’re in the water for about 25 minutes.

To go scuba diving you can’t have any respiratory illness, and at least 10 years old. They go out seven days a week and to book you will have to make reservations with South Pacific Water Sports. Though phone at (808) 395-7474 or online at, and it cost $49 plus tax per person.