Goal for the Cove Bowl


The acai bowls at Bogart’s Cafe are one of three well known places, although when it comes to variety, Bogart’s can use some.

The Brazilian natives have been recorded to be the very first people with the acai berry. Hawaii has been embracing this fruit from the Amazon and transformed it to make a bowl full of delightful berries that are healthy and enjoyable. Which three places have the best acai bowls in the Diamond Head area, Jewel or Juice, Diamond Head Cove Health Bar or Bogart’s Café?

Diamond Head Cove Health Bar has become a spot in Hawaii that is filled with cheerful workers and great music and the best acai bowl of the three places I tried. Although it may have some of the most expensive acai bowls in the area, the largest is about $13 but it’s naturally healthy made with soymilk, bananas and Acai berries, it includes toppings like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and granola. And it’s flavored with authentic honey straight from Hawaii. The Health Bar vibe in here is amazing, there are fresh fruits on the countertops and beautiful waves in picture frames and the menu is one of the most unique things about the place because it’s colorfully legible and written in chalk. Hilary Denison has been working for owner Marcus Marcos for five years now from High School all the way through college while attending University of Hawaii Manoa. Loving every bit of her work, she explains the greatness of their business saying, “It’s a cool place for people to come listen to good music and hang out while eating good healthy food.”

In the same complex, Health Bar and Bogart’s Café are friendly competitors. Bogart’s has a wide variety of items on the menu ranging from omelets for breakfast to seafood and pastas. The environment is a relaxing fun place for friends or dates or to go listen to music. The 70s playlist flowing through the speakers gives off a family picnic kind of vibe. The place is covered with cartoon-like surfers and portraits of hula girls. Their bowl comes with strawberries, blueberries, bananas and granola with almonds and adds a little honey. The parking can get a little hectic due to the small lot in front of the store. Customer’s specials are Acai Bowls, Breakfast Bagels, Mama’s fried rice, and garlic shrimp plate.

Jewel or Juice is closer to Chaminade University of Honolulu and very easy to get to. Jewel or Juice is more of a business meeting-type juice bar because it’s in a small place and has about five seats total. The Korean workers are some of the friendliest owners because they welcome you in a joyful manner making you feel extra special as soon as you walk in the door. It is similar to the Health Bar, in the fact that both serve juices and smoothies, although Health Bar has many types of food being served. The major thing about Jewel or Juice acai bowls is that they are not made with soy milk.

After touring around these places and trying their bowls I was torn between my first love of Jewel or Juice acai bowls and the new experiences of the Health bar and Bogart’s acai bowl, Health Bar has the best acai bowls because the taste, relaxing environment and the extra variety of toppings. An acai bowl with a live band playing good music is worth the price of their bowls.

Diamond Head Health Bar

3045 Monsarrat Ave Suite 5

Hours: Mon, Fri-Sat 10am-8pm

Tue-Thu, Sun 10am-11pm

Prices: Cove Bowl- $750

Mana Cove Bowl-$9.25

Da Hawaiian Bowl-$12.50

Bogart’s Café

3045 Monsarrat Ave Sute 3

Hours:Mon-Fri 6am-630pm

Sat & Sun 6am-6pm

Prices: Acai Bowls $8.50

Jewel or Juice

3619 Waialae Ave

Hours: Mon-Sat 830am-630pm

Sundays: Closed

Prices: Rio Bowl $7.50

Deluxe Bowl- $9.50