Aoki and electronic dance music impact Hawaii


Steve Aoki putting on a spectacular performance while cooling down the crowd with champagne.

Former student and graduate Billy Daniels was found at the Electric Palms music festival. He flew in from Los Angeles the day of the festival just to catch the show and be in attendance. Electic Palms was an E.D.M (electric dance music) festival that included Steve Aoki, Kill The Noise, Felix Cartal, Ken Loi and Tommy Noble headlining at Kaka’ako Waterfront Park this past Friday. When asked about why he came Daniels just had a few words, ” Three amazing DJ’s in one night, for Hawaii, thats why cuz.” Daniels is working full time at a Law Firm in Los Angeles. When hearing about the festival he booked a flight over right away and was ready for a fresh adventure.

On Sept 21, thousands of students and spectators crowded Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater in Honolulu, for the Electric Palms Music Festival. It was a loud, colorful and an unforgettable experience. The doors opened at 5p.m and closed at midnight. The night was energized due to the high quality DJ’s performing such as Steve Aoki, the worlds second greatest DJ performing for us. Aoki has never performed on Oahu before, and after he performed and closed the show, he promised to return.

Aoki said, “Hawaii I never come out here, but after tonight I know Ill be back soon.”

Many of his hit tracks were performed such as “No Beef” and “Warp 1.9” Aoki being the superior performer he is had fun with the crowd throughout his whole set. He had an inflatable boat, three giant cakes, and many bottles of champagne. While he performed for the crowd, a lucky chosen few from the audience were thrown on top of the boat and crowd surfed the thousands in attendance. Cakes were being thrown at the crowd and champagne was being shot out everywhere.

Aoki said, “ this is the craziest biggest dance show I’ve ever heard of on this island.”

As great of a show Aoki put on, other top-notch DJ’s such as Kill the Noise and Felix Cartal kept the crowd energized and alive. Aoki managed to bring a surprise guest DJ Knife Party with him as well. It was great surprise for all those spectators considering Knife Party is a pair of new and rising Dj’s in the world today. Knife Party is the electro house duo founded by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, it has released two albums with “110% no Modern Talking” and the more recent album “Rage Valley”. They have a hit song out today with “Internet Friends” which made a high impression to bigger and greater DJ’s like Aoki.

“The atmosphere was insane and Kaka’ako Park was the place to be this past Friday,” said Chaminade senior Adriana Bandy.

Many students showed up just to see Kill the Noise. Kill the Noise is now currently performing in Massachusetts after he performed in Hawaii last Friday. From there he flies out to Italy where he performes on Oct 5. Kill the Noise is not a rookie anymore and is on his way to becoming one of the best DJ’s in the world, he has been able to leave an impact for the EDM world without a single official solo release selling out many immense music festivals around the country like HARD or Electric Days Carnival.

Justin Shaver, a Junior at Chaminade said, ” I paid $40.00 to come see Kill the Noise, I saw Aoki in the mainland last year, I can’t believe all three of them are playing in one night.”

Hawaii rarely sees such a talented lineup of DJ’s all go up one after another. This past Friday was very memorable because of such professional performances.

Security had their hands busy all night while dealing with boys and girls standing on top of each others shoulders or being tossed in the air around the park while being crowd surfed. Overall they did a great job, keeping it not calm, cool, and almost collected. Many beverages were being sold as well but with an expensive price range from $8 to $12. Many students drank juice and water because of the prices alcohol and soda were being sold at. Rockstar energy drinks sponsored the Electric Palms music festival. They made they’re company well seen around the park with giant inflatable Rockstar cans linked up around the whole park.

The next EDM music festival is on Oct 27, for Haunted Wonderland being held at Aloha Towers Marketplace. After a performance like last Friday’s many students from around the island will be ready for a pre Halloween EDM music festival.