Is a semester in Dayton exactly what you need?


St. Patrick’s Day for a Dayton student.

The University of Dayton is home to beautiful fall weather, great athletic teams and “the best [transfer] program ever”. Chaminade students can apply to study in Dayton for both the fall and spring semester, as long as they abide by certain requirements such as having at least a 2.5 GPA.  However, with freezing cold winters and no beach, why would a Chaminade student want to live in Dayton, Ohio for a semester?

“The city of Dayton, Ohio is pretty rad,” said Chaminade senior, James Coughlin, who studied in Dayton as a Chaminade transfer during the Spring 2012 semester. “You should go,” Coughlin added.  “It’s a blast and a half and literally the best program ever.”

The University of Dayton has more than 11,000 students, is one of the nation’s 10 largest Catholic universities and is Ohio’s largest private university.  To apply for the “Marianist Universities Exchange Program”, Chaminade students must have at least completed a minimum of 30 credit hours, have no outstanding balance at the Chaminade business office and no record of serious disciplinary violations.

“To be honest, it was more of an adjustment coming back to Hawaii,” said Chaminade junior, Cassin Muramoto, who studied in Dayton as a transfer during the Fall 2011 semester. “The Fall season was beautiful, but it was the people who made me never want to leave.”

While Muramoto got to appreciate the season change during the Fall, Coughlin didn’t mind being in Ohio during the spring. Coughlin in fact couldn’t find one bad thing to say about Dayton.

“There’s almost too much to tell about Dayton,” Coughlin said. “I had that great of an experience. And I wish more people would experience it.  I had friends from Africa, Spain, all over Asia, Singapore and my two roommates were from China.  The whole immersion thing really is pretty gnarly.”

Students must apply for the study exchange program no later than October 15th and can contact Joy Bouey at the [email protected], if they are interested in participating in the Dayton program.

“I made great friends that I are going to be my friends for the rest of my life guaranteed,” added Coughlin. “I don’t think I had one bad experience in Dayton. I wish I could do it again.”