Peña living her dream at ESPN


Metta World Peace (left) and Nicole Peña (center) with a friend hanging out at ESPN.

Nicole Peña is a Southern California girl who attended Glendale High School and lettered in five sports at Glendale. She was a sports fanatic and at the same time a team cheerleader. She graduated from Glendale High and stepped into the college ranks, she attended and graduated from Glendale Community College. She graduated with a Broadcast Journalism Major, and due to her hard work and effort to find a job she managed to catch a job at ESPN Radio 710, in LA.

“In order to get to the top you have to start from the bottom. To work your way up like in any other job or business you jump into,” said Nicole Peña.

To succeed in the radio business and go big and make money in the future you have to learn how to love the job and appreciate the listeners and their opinions, and that no opinion is a bad opinion. The only way to love the job, you have to start from the bottom and enjoy the ride. Peña has hosted events at the X games NBA games, NHL, NFL, and MLS games. Their promotions team go to these events and set up activities and music and live radio and video broadcast from the game. These events allow fans and listeners to jump in and listen in. They follow ESPN because it is the best and most professional sports network. The higher you get in the network the higher the pay is as well. John Ireland a very successful news and radio broadcaster has the biggest because he works for 2 networks and has many fans and listeners. He has a yearly salary of three to four hundred thousand dollars!

“One of the greatest challenges in todays society is the way to view and relate to other peoples opinion, said Peña.”


Name: Nicole Peña

-Berbel: What was your major in school?

Peña: Broadcast Journalism

-Berbel: where she attended school?

Peña: Glendale Community College

Berbel: How old are you?

Peña: 24 yrs of age

-Mathias: Do you have kids?

Peña: no children

Mathias: Why did you choose this type of job?

Peña: Chose this work for the love of Sports and the love of communications with sports. Life.

Mathias: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Peña: Most rewarding part of my job is waking up and being able to call Kobe and ask him to shoot hoops and talk some Basketball, welcome to LA baby.

-Berbel: Whats the most challenging part of your job?

Challenging part of work staying overtime and literally making ESPN your life sometimes sports news never stops its a 24 hour a day business, have to leave your personal life to the side or you will never succeed.

  • Berbel: Whats the life around ESPN?

Peña: Very professional family type relationship. Always arguing, sports are made off opinions and thoughts. Numbers are the facts, but numbers cant always speak for themselves except if you are Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant

Berbel: Why do you love your job?

Peña: While working I feel like a free bird, i don’t feel like Im working, I feel like i’m doing what I love and adore. Sports is what I know it makes me. When i’m bored at home I read sports. When i’m bored and depressed I watch sports. All sports besides cricket and maybe golf. Go Tiger

Berbel: how do you contribute towards society?

Pena: I contribute to society every day by letting people know what is going on in the world of sports. There are people out there like me and ever more passionate then me about sports. If there were no sports some people would literally go crazy or leave the country due to the fact that there is no sports. Sports is life too many people love sports.

-Berbel: Whats a hard thing about your job at ESPN?

Peña: One of the greatest challenges in todays society is the way to view and relate to other peoples opinion. People hear something that doesn’t revolve around their opinion and most attack like an enemy, when in better situations you should listen to the other opinion and base it to your opinion to have a more broad opinion or depth of knowledge.