A pageant of culture


Dzidziela Trevino posing at the Miss Latina Pageant.

Dzidzielia Trevino’s dream school is Depaul University, where she hopes to attend in the near future. The Chaminade senior’s dream of becoming a lawyer began as a child while she would look up to her role model and older brother Victor Trevino. Victor, who is 37 years old, and a lawyer in the Texas area, mentored his little sister while she was growing up.

This pageant was not only a moral victory for Trevino, but also an opportunity to seriously pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. Her goal of becoming a lawyer got a lot closer when she came third place in the pageant. By earning and becoming one of the finalist’s in the pageant, she received a $4,000 scholarship.

“I did the pageant to embrace my culture, my culture means a lot to me and I am never afraid to show my true personality.”

Trevino is American with a Mexican background, and her mother and father are both from Mexico. This is where she learned to embrace her culture and the way she was going to present herself.

Trevino was born in Laredo, Texas. She is a senior at Chaminade University of Honolulu. She is a hard working-student who likes to challenge herself and her personality. On February 11, she competed in the Miss Latina Pageant 2012, sponsored by Argosy University.

This is a pageant in which seven beautiful Latin women represent their Spanish culture. In doing so, these contestants act as role models for the younger generation, embodying the American ideal as one whom embraces the characteristics of a true winner. One who has remarkable beauty, inside and out. Trevino exemplifies what it means to be a valuable asset to our community and our country by engaging not only herself in a well fought competition, but reminding ourselves to compete at all levels and strive to be the best we can be.

“Culture is what directs you and your life into the person you will become,” said Stanley Paul Macieiski, a friend of Trevino’s.

Trevino will be graduating Chaminade next fall with a major in Criminal Justice. Her brave and outgoing personality is what speaks for herself.

“Face your fears,” Trevino said. “Why be average when you can stand out.”