Top 10 Out of Town Eateries


The Teri-Samoa burger from Seven Brothers in Laie.

Although Chaminade students tend to stay close to campus when they dine out, Oahu’s culinary scene extends far past the city of Honolulu. Many places out of town make delicious treats to try; here are a few affordable local restaurants that serve some of the best food on the island.

The Alley Restaurant – Aiea

Despite being a bowing alley, Aiea Bowl gets its popular reputation from its restaurant. In fact many patrons completely bypass the bowling experience and make dinner reservations instead. The most famous dish on the menu is the award-winning tasty chicken plate. However, this is just one of many delectable meals at The Alley. There is also a bakery with a wide range of desserts such as lemon crunch cake, cream cheese brownies, pumpkin crunch cake, and chocolate insanity cake.

Garden Island – Waipahu

This hole in the wall specializes in local-style cuisine and are known for its large portions and catering options. A recommendation for noodle lovers is the beef chow fun; the noodles are thick and has a copious amount of meat and bean sprouts in the dish. For those who like pork chops, they pack on the garlic on the salt and pepper pork chops.

Nanding’s Bakery – Waipahu

This Filipino-run bakery has dozens of flavorful goods, the most famous being its buttery soft Spanish rolls. Nanding’s has Filipino pastries, fudgy brownies, ensaymadas, and more. However, the parking lot is small and lines can get long, but it is well worth the wait.

Queen Street Cafe & Grill – Aiea

Originally located on Queen Street in town, this cafe moved to Aiea shopping center but kept its name. This establishment’s specialty dish, firecracker chicken, is perhaps one of the best chicken dishes on the island. The firecracker sauce is a spicy chipotle mayo drizzled over pieces of boneless chicken.

Sadie’s BBQ Inn – Pearl City

Named after the owner’s granddaughter, this Korean restaurant has authentic cuisine and a friendly staff. Some of the popular dishes include kalbi, spicy pork bulgogi, spicy garlic chicken, and black bean noodles. Sadie’s okazuya is open at 5 a.m. daily for those who want to stop by for breakfast.

Palisades Drive Inn – Pearl City

Near the top of the Pacific Palisades, this small drive-in serves Chinese stir fry and local barbecue. Although its meat dishes are delicious, the oriental chicken salad is one of the star items on the menu. The fresh greens with large cucumber slices, crispy wonton strips, and chicken drizzled with tangy dressing makes for a healthy and filling meal. 

Seven Brothers – Laie

This restaurant is a family business, as the name implies. Run by seven brothers of the Hanneman family, this restaurant offers mouth-watering burgers and hand-cut fries. The beef used in the burgers is never frozen, ensuring the freshest ingredients. However, fair warning, much like the rest of Laie, Seven Brothers is closed on Sunday.

Paalaa Kai Bakery – Waialua

The snow puffy is the main attraction at this bakery. Snow Puffy’s are flaky pastries topped with powdered sugar, drizzled with thick chocolate, and filled with cream. This treat is so popular that the bakery even sells T-shirts and merchandise of it.

Paalaa Kai Mini-Mart – Waialua

After a visit to the bakery, go next door to the mini-mart. Although it is often outshined by the bakery next door, it’s just as good. There is a hot food display counter that has chicken, musubis, vegetable pancakes, and gyoza. The mini-mart also sells snacks and drinks. However, it is difficult to find parking as the bakery next door has become a popular spot for tourists.

Ice Garden – Aiea

Although the North Shore tends to get all the hype for its shave ice, Aiea has a hidden gem. Located in the Aiea Shopping Center, this cash-only shave ice shop is the best on the island. Ice Garden serves powdery soft shave ice with various toppings such as pudding, mochi, ube ice cream, oatmeal, taro, azuki beans, and more.