6 Feel-Good Movies You Need Right Now


Screenshot by Mariana Wheeler

We can’t forget about all of other movies on Netflix that we lean on to lift up our spirits again on when we are feeling down.

There’s no doubt that for the past 18 months, the world has been feeling lost, hopeless, and downhearted. We’ve had to rely on the streaming of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Vudu etc. because we’ve been stuck at home waiting out the chaos of the world to remind us that life goes on beyond our living rooms and couches during a pandemic. Movies play a large role in our lives during times like these when we feel like the world outside is crumbling down with all of the madness and uncertainty. Feel-good movies not only brighten those cloudy, long days, but keep you with good vibes and happiness in mind. Sometimes, all we need is to take your minds off the negative, even it it’s just for two hours out of our day. 


If only relationships and dating in New York City were just as simple as they were back in the early 2000s. Will Smith plays an anonymous matchmaker who guides his male-only clients to win the hearts of the woman they like. However, Smith’s advice and techniques are challenged by his own love life when he meets his love interest in the film, Eva Mendes, who proves him wrong. It seems like Smith and Kevin James are more in a relationship the entire time while learning how to dance in a living room and practicing a first kiss on a porch. James’ iconic dance moves and clumsiness in the film time makes us realize to not take ourselves too seriously when we are trying to win the heart of the most famous and rich woman in New York City. All you have to is be yourself. Hitch can be watched on Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.


If you’ve ever heard of the sayings, “Ugh, as if!” or “Oh my God, I am totally buggin’,” you’re in the right place. Cher is the dumb blonde we all wanted to be because of how carefree and quirky she is. This iconic 1997 film highlights the conflicts of a rich, spoiled teenager faces in high school, whether that’s dealing with cliques, relationships, getting your license, and even losing your closest friends. We are drawn in by the iconic fashion, slangs, and famous heartthrobs everyone was hooked on in the ’90s. Yet Cher embraces the stereotype of what it means to be rich and privileged in school in a ditzy way that even has us relating to her tantrums and being dramatic. And let’s just push aside the fact that she gets with her stepbrother at the ending of the film, but I bet if your stepbrother was as beautiful as Paul Rudd, you would do the same. Clueless can be found on Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. 

“Legally Blonde”

Just remember, all you have to feel fierce is “bend and snap!” as Elle Woods would say. We all know what a pain it is to apply for colleges, let alone an Ivy league school, especially when your boyfriend breaks up with you because you’re too blonde. Reese Witherspoon stars in one of her most inspirational films that made a mark in lawyer history. When Elle Woods is dumped by her gorgeous and rich boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, she proves to him that she can make it into Harvard law school to be good enough for him. She goes from being a fun college sorority girl to taking the LSATs, moving across the country, and studying hard just to win Warner back, but takes on more than what she anticipated for. Elle makes you feel like you’re capable of doing anything even if people underestimate you while still having fun on the side and reminds us in the end to never change your life around for some guy who is a “complete bonehead.” Legally Blonde guarantees to put a smile on your face on Netflix. 

“The Sound of Music” 

Julie Andrews makes me want to get on a plane at any instant and travel all the way to the mountains and meadows of Salzburg, Austria just to sing with the wind. Andrews becomes a governess to the seven children to the very charming and intense, Christopher Plummer in the 1930s. Even though he makes you want to clinch your teeth every time he is negative and cruel, we can’t help but fall for those baby blue eyes when he is seeing “Edelweiss” to us. It’s more than just an Oscar-winning film, but an experience that takes us back to our childhood when we watch it. Julie Andrews reminds us and the Von Trapp children that one must always “Have Confidence” and “Climb Every Mountain,” when we feel lost and in distraught. Seems a bit pandemic related wouldn’t you say? Everything we have had to overcome. In the very moment of watching the movie, music reminds us that it is always the answer to cope with hardships and will always be there for us. Whenever you are feeling sad and scared, remember to sing about your favorite things such as cream-colored ponies and schnitzel with noodles. You can sing along to “The Sound of Music” on Disney Plus. 

“Liar Liar” 

Jim Carrey carries “Liar Liar” and is by far one of his best comedies where his improv acting skills shine. He makes you feel as if you are a part of the movie and hooks you in with his extreme humor and dramatic behavior. Although this is considered a comedy, it touches upon a sensitive topic in which some of us hold close to our hearts. Jim Carrey is a divorced father who co-parents his son and tends to make promises to him that he always ends up breaking. He continues with his lawyer-lying ways until one day, his son wishes on his birthday for him to tell only the truth for one whole day. And when that wish comes true, it changes Carrey’s life forever to become a better person, but also a father in the end. He goes from being a a lawyer who lies to win all of his cases to reaching his midlife crisis point to fighting with pens and beating himself up in the bathroom to realize he’s been a bad father the entire time. Be ready to laugh to the point of peeing your pants while watching this film on Vudu or Apple TV. 

“13 Going on 30” 

We all wanted to be “30, flirty, and thriving,” when we were younger because all we wanted to do was grow up. Thinking of becoming an adult gave us that warm feeling inside. In Jenna Rink’s case, we learn to be careful with what you wish for because sometimes, you just might get it unexpectedly. Who wouldn’t love to time travel to the life we will have when we are adults successfully living in New York City. Life seems all good and dandy until we see the people we lose along the way just to make something of ourselves. We can’t forget about the part that gets us choked up in the film when Jenna realizes the person she becomes and is about to lose her childhood sweetheart on the day of his wedding with someone else. When you’re about to lose your very own Mark Ruffalo in your life, you’d be drowning in tears too. I wish life was just as simple as making a wish and turning back time to do it all again. You can watch this loved chick flick on Amazon Prime Video or Vudu.