Five Reasons Motorcycles Can Be For You

If you’re anything like me, at a very young age, the love for bicycles was there. Riding, racing and even fixing bicycles was a part of life. Then you find out that there are bicycles with motors attached to them. That is when a promise to own a motorcycle one day is made. Now a little older, these feelings of riding are still present but are feelings enough? Here are five more reasons other than the desire to get on a motorcycle.

1. Have a desire to learn

Some can say getting a motorcycle license by passing the state behind-the-wheel test or a state-approved motorcycle course means everything has been learned. The truth is riding is a skill, which can only be improved on by practicing and learning from past mistakes. A behind-the-wheel state test or motorcycle courses have the rider going in circles and weaving through cones at no faster than 25 miles per hour. In the real world, there are cones and zones where 25 miles per hour is the limit, but there are also cars, pedestrians and different road conditions. All of which are as unpredictable as earthquakes. Having the openness to learn every day and being exposed to different situations are perfect learning moments.

2. Enjoy being outside

Riding a motorcycle lets the rider interact with the world a lot easier than being in a car. Riding means being exposed to elements. Rain will cause clothes to get wet. staying warm is only possible by layering clothes. The only AC is wind, it’s best to find a route that is free of traffic. The smells encountered while riding can be pleasant; riding by a bakery or coffee shop can be enticing enough to stop. On the other hand, riding next to a dumpster can have anyone wishing oxygen was an option. While most days will be pleasant being a rider means taking in being outside.

3. Live a minimalist lifestyle

When driving a car, it’s easy to take more than needed, be it extra clothes, snacks, spare tire or even additional people. Yes, Motorcycles can have a passenger, the rider can carry a backpack and have bags attached at the end of the day the rider is forced only to take what is needed. Being a rider gives the understanding to need and want. Motorists may want to take an entire mechanic set and spare tire but settle on a tire repair kit and battery charger for their phone to be able to call for help. Figuring out what is needed for the day and simplifying it can bring stress, but if you already live a minimalist lifestyle, more reason riding is for you.

4. Can handle a thrill

The second anyone decides to ride a motorcycle he is the underdog, bottom of the roadway food chain. Always having to stay alert and agile to be able to dodge cars that changed lanes without checking for blind spots, potholes that can swallow a 16-inch front tire, pedestrians that didn’t see you coming, and even stray animals. Steel horses were built for dodging, speed and have the torque to get any rider away from anything. Just remember the speed limit is there for the safety of all road users and riding a motorcycle can be as dangerous or as safe as the rider wants it to be.

5. Have an understanding that everyone is human

When riding a motorcycle being so exposed and at the bottom of the roadway food chain, there will be times when a distracted driver will be a serious threat to a motorist. At that moment the rider will realize how vulnerable he is. While riding, there will be times when the rider is the one distracted. At that moment the rider will be exposed to how his actions truly affect others and themselves. If coming to this realization empowers you to be more understanding and a better person, then riding is for you.