Six Reasons Having Visitors Is Hard


Andre Arissol

Photograph courtesy of Andre Arissol

If you have ever hosted friends and family invited or a surprise can lead to a lot of headaches and a nightmare. Yes, time spent with family and friends is usually great, and you have an endless pit of love for them. However, hosting is stressful. The need to impress and be accepted even at your own home is primitive. Finding out guests are on their way can have you dragging your feet. Here are the top five reasons why.

1. The home is a dump.

Realizing the living conditions at home are not socially acceptable everything must be cleaned: the walls, the dog, throw pillows, curtains and the floors. Your house needs to be spotless and pretending the house is always up to these unrealistic clean standards shall be your greatest act.

2. Professional attire only.

Yes, shorts and slippers are comfortable but are no longer acceptable when a family is on the way. Digging through the closet and finding a dress with the tags still attached is suddenly a blessing or those pair of jeans and dress shirt worn that one-time is suddenly and desperately needed. Bed hair must also be tamed to a decent hairstyle and neat.

3. Being forced to receive and give uncomfortable attention.

Having to hug the sweaty uncle or friend of a friend with the patchy, itchy beard is the worst. Alternatively, receiving kisses and pinched cheeks from that strange aunt who’s side of the family she comes from has remained a mystery, but will still need to be accepted with a smile. Although greeting with a head nod or handshake would be preferable.

4. Be ready for 20 Questions (and not the fun game version)

“What are your plans for the future?” “When are you going to get married?” “When are you going to have a child?” “When are you going to have more children?” Expecting rapid-fire questions so rapid-fire answers are given and awkwardness aborted. Life is hard enough to navigate without knowing these answers. Now you have to acknowledge that you still haven’t figured out your own life to yourself and distant family you haven’t seen in five years. Having a game-plan for these questions should spare you some awkward moments. Or easier still learn how to walk away politely.

5. Me time

When guests are in electronics are out. Forget Netflix binging, T.V. watching or web surfing. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat is going to be put on hold when the family is around. Forced to miss that season episode that can change everything and risk having it spoiled. Instead of having a game night and pretending that this isn’t the 1,000th time playing is life for now.

6. Family is always welcomed

Having family come visit when planned is tough, but having family stop by unexpectedly is grueling. Then there is the case that was too much fun was experienced and family decides to stay the night. Saying no to any of these scenarios can cause family feuds worse than the Hatfields and the McCoys. Having to give up personal pillows and blankets, or worse beds to a family member or friend are always uncalled for and remembered.