Roommate Horror Stories


Roommates: they’re either a blessing or a curse.

For some, a roommate can be a new best friend. But for many, they can be a dreaded essence. After talking with some students here at Chaminade University, they “spilled the beans” on some not so glorious roommate stories.

[Editor’s note: All the names have been changed to protect the identity of the people interviewed.]

She peed on my printer…

Erin, a sophomore here at Chaminade, explained an almost unbelievable story of her roommate, Taylor, peeing on their suite-mate’s printer. Apparently, after a long night of legal drinking, Taylor was quite intoxicated when she came back to the room, but then proceeded to go to bed. However, an hour later Erin heard the door open and saw that Taylor was gone. Erin got up and saw Taylor in their suite-mate’s room with her pants down, squatting over a printer. All Erin heard was the sound of trickling water, and from that moment she knew Taylor had just done the unthinkable. The printer was soaked in urine, and Taylor drunkenly walked back to bed and fell asleep.

All I know is I would not be printing off that printer.

I woke up to barf on the couch…

Josh, a senior here, described the story of waking up to chunks on the couch. Josh thought it was going to be a beautiful Sunday yet it turned into a smelly one. Josh woke up around 11 a.m. and proceeded to go to the bathroom until he smelled a raw and sour odor. Thinking it was the trash, he proceeded. Walking out, he went to grab a water from the fridge in the living room until he saw blue chunky slosh covering the couch. Josh went to get his roommate to clean it up but the roommate was too hungover to even move, so the puke sat there until about 6 p.m.

I hope they had some good air fresheners.

She clogged the toilet and left it…

Imagine needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and seeing it flooded and not just with water. This happened to a sophomore, Whitney, here at Chaminade. Shelby, the roommate, had gone number 2 and it clogged the toilet. Instead of trying to find a plunger and fix it, or call maintenance, Shelby kept trying to flush. Whitney, who worked late and went to bed woke up in the night to pee and alternatively found water coming out of the bathroom door. As Whitney opened the door she saw flowing water and floating brown chunks. Knowing this wasn’t her doing, she complained to Shelby and all Shelby said was, “Well, what was I supposed to do.”

We all know the struggle of difficult roommates, but that’s one end we don’t want to deal with.

Waxed in the bathroom and didn’t clean up…

Women have wants and needs, such as wanting to be hairless. If you’re talented enough you can wax yourself but for many women, they go to the waxing salons. Well, a senior here, Nikki, explained a slippery story of her talented roommate. Her roommate, Alexa, said that she needed to wax “down there” so Alexa went and locked herself in the bathroom. Hours later, Alexa finished and Nikki went to pee. However, after slipping and falling due to the coconut oil on the ground, Nikki was surrounded by a bunch of small black hairs covering the floor. Nikki then went to Alexa and complained about how nasty the bathroom floor was and that she needs to clean up after herself, yet all Alexa did was nod her head.

Waxing is fine but not to clean up after, well that’s just disgusting.