Top 5 Reasons to Ride a Moped


Tired of having to walk, take the bus, or bike to the places you want to go? Well, the typical answer would be to get a car, but that can be out of your wallet’s range.

So what do you do?

Get a moped: a lean, mean, two-wheeled machine that gets you to the places you want to go in the same amount of time a car would. But other than that, here are five reasons you should buy one.

5. Gas

Filling a car tank of gas can cost roughly $30 to $50 every two weeks, but with a moped it’s around $3 to $4 a tank. A moped can get up 100 miles-per-gallon, depending on how much you drive. Consider driving down the street and seeing all the cars spending big bucks while you, on a moped, are spending less than half of what it takes the cars around you. Save the piggy bank and stash the extra cash that you could be saving by driving a moped. 

4. Fun

Cars can be fun, but a moped brings a whole different level of excitement. Mopeds allow a sense of free will and adrenaline with the wind blowing through your hair. Here at Chaminade the speed bumps can get tedious, but driving a moped it is easy to swerve around them. Many people are scared to ride a moped considering the two-wheeled balancing aspect, but it’s actually quite easy and basically a motorized bicycle. In the state of Hawaii there is a no-helmet law, meaning when riding a moped you are not required to wear a helmet. Although dangerous, riding without one is very common and allows a feeling of freedom. 

3. Insurance

With insurance for cars, there can be an expensive month-to-month bill, but with a moped there is none at all. With almost all the same purposes of a car it costs 100 percent less in the insurance department. Now that is a chunk of change to add to your food money, “going-out” bill, or just some extra cash. 

2. Parking

In big cities like Honolulu, parking can be a challenge. It can even be a deterrent from going to places, but with a moped, parking is almost anywhere. A busy day at the beach is no problem with a moped considering there is always space right up front. At Chaminade University of Honolulu the parking can be a nightmare with having to drive around the oval 3 to 4 times just to find a spot at the top of the hill. With a moped it is easy front row parking every time and there is no need to worry about sweating from a long walk on your way to class. Chaminade’s car parking pass goes for $240 while the moped pass is a low $35. 

1. Cost

Buying a car can break the piggy bank with the price of the car, registration, insurance, gas, maintenance, tickets, etc. A brand new moped is around $800, including the registration. Monthly insurance is not needed. To access the fun form of transportation on a moped all you need is a driver license and to be at least 18 years old. The maintenance is around $25 for an oil change, tire pressure, and tune-up.