Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Places to Eat on Oahu  


I am a transitioning vegan and eating out has been tricky. Living on an island that embraces eating meat and dairy makes it hard to stick to such a limited diet. Naturally, when I started cutting out meat, I was on the hunt for all and any place to eat that was sensitive to my new lifestyle. Here are my top 10 vegan-friendly restaurants on Oahu that have helped me on my vegan journey.

  1. Greek Marina

Located at Koko Marina in beautiful Hawaii Kai, Greek Marina will satisfy your appetite. From a mixed vegetable plate filled with grape leaves, falafel and Baba Ghanouj (which is also spelled baba ghanoush), robust flavors will fill your palate. At the most, it will cost $20 for a Greek specialty plate. The vegan options are amazing and is a big leap outside the box of typical vegan-friendly restaurants. There is plenty of free parking. 

2.  Bluetree Cafe & Juice

This little gem is tucked away on 1009 Kapiolani Boulevard. Bluetree sources its produce locally and organically whenever possible. It supports farms and says no to GMOs. The best part is this vegan-friendly cafe will only put a dent in your bank account by about $15. Parking is free.

  1. Teapresso Bar

Although Teapresso is known mostly for its boba milk tea, it uses natural ingredients and have organic and vegan choices. Teapresso has vegan and non-vegan sandwich choices available too. Teapresso has ample options to save money, like using the FiveStars app. For every dollar you spend, you receive points that eventually add up to getting a free drink. Even without that, a tea and a sandwich will cost only about $15. Parking can be tricky. Only about four stalls are available right next to the establishment. Teapresso is about two blocks from Chaminade University, so walking is preferable. 

  1. Siam Garden Cafe Thai Food

The best Thai restaurants tend to be pretty expensive, but Siam Garden Cafe is kind to the typical college student’s budget. It has vegan and vegetarian options for just about anything you want, which is a plus when trying to grab lunch with non-vegan friends. The restaurant will substitute just about anything for a vegan option. There is free parking right behind the restaurant. If you prefer to walk, it is just 0.2 miles from the Chaminade University campus.

  1. Earl: A Sandwich Experience

Earl’s used to be my favorite place to grab a nice sandwich when I was still married to meat. The menu has been completely revamped, so now there are three vegan/vegetarian sandwiches to choose from, plus two salad choices. Parking is free for 15 minutes.

  1. Da Spot

Da Spot’s goals are to educate sustainability and healthy eating practices. Diverse food choices are perfect when eating out with others who prefer to eat meat. The entree selections are endless. You can have Thai vegetable curry, while your meat-loving friends enjoy Egyptian Roasted Lamb Shanks. The most you will spend is around $10 for a combination plate. Add a drink or a smoothie to your meal and spend only about $20.

7.  Down to Earth

Having a place to purchase your groceries and grab lunch all in the same place is a plus. At Down to Earth, you will be able to grab those vegan options you need to cook in the kitchen, as well as a fresh juice or lunch at the food bar. Free parking is located on the second level.

  1. Kan Zaman Restaurant- Kaimuki

Authentic Moroccan and Lebanese food is exciting to the taste buds. Eating vegan is easy here without sacrificing taste. From the stuffed eggplant to the falafel, you are sure to spend at least $30. To top it off, parking is plentiful.

  1.  Sunny Days

Any place that has vegan tofu musubi is definitely worth checking out. Sunny Days has tofu options for the vegan enthusiast. Its acai bowls are delicious and are presented like a bouquet of flowers made from fruit. You will spend an easy $20 here. And parking can be very difficult. Get over those two humps and you will be in for quite the treat.

  1. Pieology

The toughest part about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle has been giving up cheese. But Pieology offers a gluten-free crust as well as vegan cheese options. Everything is personalized. It even serves beer. Parking is free, which makes this the perfect spot to have lunch or dinner. You will spend $15 at the most.