Best Sandwiches in Honolulu


Rohndell Goodwin

Shaloha Mediterranean menu provides tasty sandwiches that will have the buds jumping.

Living in Hawaii, you will have many choices of food to choose from with all of the different ethnicities being on the island. But if you need a quick idea of food why not eat something that has great taste and is very convenient. All sandwiches are not the same, some may have different tastes and look and definitely their own uniqueness.

Nic’s Island Cafe, 50 S Beretania St. #C118-B
Tucked away in Kukui Plaza, downtown Honolulu, you can find Nic’s Island Cafe. A locally owned business offering a wonderful collection of espresso drinks, milkshakes, organic teas, fruit smoothies and healthy/convenient to-go options such as organic acai bowls. Although, the most popular product offered by the cafe are the made-to-order Molokai sweetbread sandwiches and paninis. Nic’s offers pre-made and made-to-order selection of sandwiches. It provides a menu of pre-designed sandwiches while also allowing an option to build your own. Customers can choose from a list of fresh bread, condiments, meat, cheese and vegetables, then choose whether to have it hot or cold. The sandwich portions are extremely generous and always made right in front of your eyes. You can even call ahead of time if you’re running late and it will be ready to pick up. Nic’s supports other local businesses by sourcing its bread from the local OHI’A Bakery and even offers loaves and rolls to take home. 10 percent student discounts are made available although the prices are already very affordable, starting around $5 on slice sweet bread.

Andy’s Sandwiches, 2904 E Manoa Rd.
Andy’s Sandwiches is a little hole-in-the-wall store tucked away in the heart of Manoa. It has been in the sandwich business for almost 40 years, so this is an obvious sign that something is working. Like Nic’s, Andy’s offers a range of hot and cold sandwiches that are all freshly made. The variety of sandwiches is very large, ranging from a veggie melt to a chicken burger and even seafood options including tuna and ahi. It caters to everyone’s tastes. All sandwiches come loaded with the topping you want, vegetables, sprouts and a delicious papaya seed dressing on the side. Sandwiches come in very generous portion sizes and are surprisingly affordable starting at around $6. The store is a family business so employees are local and extremely welcoming. Great sandwiches in a great atmosphere.

Sprout Sandwich Shop, 1154 Koko Head Ave.
This fresh and healthy sandwich shop is a local to Kaimuki. It offers locally sourced ingredients and uses organic products where possible. The menu is large enough to cater for almost all taste buds. As it is a small store most people order sandwiches to go but there is the option to sit at the bar or outside seating provided. Although it does get quite busy in peak eating hours, the great thing about Sprout is online ordering. Just create your order and it will be ready in 15-20 mins.

Safeway, 888 Kapahulu Ave.
Most people at some time in their life have gone to Safeway to pick up some groceries or maybe even a prescription, but Safeway sandwiches continue to fly under the radar. Safeway’s Signature Cafe offers a range of sandwiches from breakfast sandwiches, specialty sandwiches and the classic sandwich option. The menu has a wide range of  pre-made sandwiches that include traditional cold cuts and chicken pesto. The great part of Safeway sandwiches is that your sandwich is made to your specifications. Start off by choosing one of the breads offered, some of which include focaccia and artisan split crust. Meat and cheese are piled generously onto sandwiches. All sandwiches have the option of being topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives and many more. Sauces and spreads available are not limited to the traditional mayonnaise and mustard. You can jump out of your comfort zone and try a pesto mayonnaise or an aioli. The sandwiches are delicious and filling while also being extremely affordable. There are two sizes available, most medium sandwiches ranging from $5 to a large for approximately $7. There is also a meal deal available for an extra $1 for a drink and chips.

Shaloha, 3133 Waialae Ave.
When owner Sage Sisko moved to Hawaii 9 years ago from Israel he discovered it was a near perfect place to bake pita bread. So with that in mind he took a chance to introduce one of very few, true Mediterranean food options in Hawaii. Shaloha (a sneaky mix of shalom and aloha) offers classic Israeli street-food. The sandwiches come served on freshly baked pita bread with a choice of shawarma, chicken schnitzel, falafel, eggplant or hummus. Sandwiches are sold for around $12 and around $15 for a plate special. Although it may seem a little more pricy, it does offer a $2 student/faculty discount with an ID. Shaloha is just a short walk from Chaminade University on Waialae Avenue.