Top 8 Gadgets To Make Your New Year Easier


By Thomas Collins, Staff Writer

Life is hard but thankfully technology today can make it a lot easier. As 2017 begins there may be some new innovations in the latest technology that can help make your life move more smoothly and maybe even reduce stress.

Logi Circle Security Camera … $179.99
Never feel afraid again with this sleek security camera from Logitech. The Logi Circle enhances security, and saves precious memory space by only recording when it detects movement or human faces. The circle can be programmed to only function at the times you are away from home, and it connects to a mobile app via the Internet for anytime viewing.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer … $129.99
It’s amazing how convenient the old Polaroid cameras were. They allowed their user to instantly have a small physical copy of their latest snapshot. For the person who enjoys having something tangible to hang on a wall or hold in their hand the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer prints high-definition pictures directly from the smartphone that can be saved physically for posterity.

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker … $30
In today’s day and age with so many small devices it’s easy for belongings to get lost, but with the Tile Slim finding objects is easy. Simply attach the Tile Slim to a set of keys or in a wallet as its small sleek design makes undercover storage easy. When the object is lost you can find it in the last place it was through a map displayed in the Tiles’ smartphone app. If the phone becomes lost it can easily be found as the Tile connects with the phone and can make it ring even when it’s on silent.

The Aukey Quick Charger … $29.99
The Aukey Quick Charge is no run-of-the-mill portable charger. Along with two charging ports, an LED flashlight, and a hand-sized design, its hardware supports quick charge for all smartphone devices making its 8 hour charger life practical for all those avid SnapChatters that are always low on power.

Shure MV88 … $149
As a musical artist or podcaster on the go you can sometimes find it difficult to record new ideas or that perfect moment in the jam session. With the MV88, iOS users can enjoy studio quality recording directly to their iPhone. The MV88 is tiny enough to be carried in a pocket and plugs directly into the charging port of your iOS device. Open your phones recording app set your mic preferences and let the ideas come to life.

Vantage robotics snap drone … $915
After it was announced that the lily drone was cancelled there was nothing on the market to take its place until the Snap Drone arrived. The Snap Drone is a drone camera that supports 4k HD video and high-resolution photos that rival some of the best cameras. The Snap drone will make your next family outing or dirt bike rampage easier to record with its tracking feature that allows the camera to follow and, record you without any form of user control whatsoever. The snap drone also has precise position awareness so that you never have to worry about collisions. It can also be easily folded up to store neatly in a backpack.

Stellarscope … $49.99
Man has always looked to the stars but the truth is it can be difficult to orient yourself without help or training. The Stellarscope allows you to flawlessly explore the heavens by lining up its on board star map with the night sky. All you have to do is simply set it to the current date and time. Want to take a trip to Ursa Major? No spaceship necessary.

Vortex portable mixer … $17.99
Athletes on the go especially college students desperately need there supplements, but its hard to use a shaker bottle in a quiet environment such as a class or meeting. The Vortex quietly mixes for you and evenly disperses the powder for a perfect workout drink. It can even mix heavy liquids like eggs and its lightweight design allows it to be taken anywhere.