8 Confessions We Can All Admit Doing


Rachel Kamita

Things we do, but won’t admit.

By Rachel Kamita, Staff Writter

There are many things people do but fail to admit doing. These specific actions are odd habits that we have accumulated over the years. People do these things when they don’t think people are watching or to avoid interaction with people. So here are eight things people deny doing.

*peeing* Shhhh … someone else is here …

I don’t know about you men, but us women do this. When using the bathroom, it is usually best when the bathroom is vacant. However, as soon as someone else comes in, that is when you can no longer pee in the comfort of the whole bathroom to yourself. For some reason we don’t like it when other girls hear us pee. So when someone comes in, you stop peeing and wait for that person to finish and leave. It is weird because everyone uses the bathroom, but somehow when the judgment of others are thrown, you care.

In the car digging for gold

Do you think that you are invisible in your car? Unless you have very dark tint, WE CAN STILL SEE YOU. Please don’t look surprised when you are spotted. This is funny because many people believe that you shouldn’t pick your nose in the car because everyone can see, but you still do it.

When in doubt, dance it out

If you wear underwear on a daily basis, which I hope you do, there is no doubt that you have suffered from a wedgie at some point in your life. Now, the question is how do you deal with it? Do you wiggle around and dance it out, pick it out, or just pretend it isn’t there till no one is around.

Damn I look good

There are reflective surfaces everywhere like windows, mirrors, and metal. This gives you the opportunity to check yourself out wherever you go. Most people will walk around and when they can see their reflection, look at themselves asking the question, “Does my hair look perfect? Is there anything on my face?” If there isn’t anything wrong, you give yourself a little smile and go on with your day until the next reflective surface.

*smells clothes* … Yeah, smells alright …

Being in college, students must have done this at least once. There are so many times when a person wears something out and just throws their clothes in a pile or hamper when they get home. Then the next day, when the clothes worn yesterday are looking good to wear again, the only reasonable option to do is take the clothes out of the hamper and smell to see if they are still good to wear a second time. If it is a little stink, that is something that can be fixed with a little body spray or Febreze.

“The Crop-Duster”

Farting is a natural human function, but our proper upbringing has taught us that it is impolite to fart in public. So when a fart is coming and we are in public, the only choice is go off somewhere else where no one is around, let out a little fart and go back to where you were. That is called the crop duster, the people who do it know what it means. And if you don’t, good for you. That is an unexpected surprise that people don’t need.

I’m sorry I thought I pressed send

The best and worst thing that has come from texting is the ability to see when the person received and read the text sent. This is good when trying to message someone and get a quick reply, but when on the receiving end and not in the mood to answer is when you run into a dilemma. They know you read the message, so what is your excuse for not answering?

Oh no, here he comes

There’s always those certain people that we avoid at all costs. These people come in many different forms like an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, that person who passes around their mixed tape, or that teacher whose class you always skip. Those are the people who you cross the street and look in the complete opposite direction to not be seen. We all avoid an encounter that could be potentially awkward, drama-filled or embarrassing.