Top 10: “Musts” for dating in college


Kayleigh-Symone Canady

If you are looking for a date in college these ten suggestions will go a long way.

By Ka'ui Perreira, Staff Writer

College is a great time to learn new things and to better your education. It can also be the place to make life-long friendships and possibly even romantic relationships. According to the Daily Dot, approximately 28% of people marry their college sweetheart. This doesn’t by any means suggest to go into college with the goal of receiving a MRS or MR degree, though it is important to know the basic requirements of what a potential mate should embody.

1) Must have a vehicle:

It doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but going on a date with a potential suitor that does not have transportation is not fun. Meeting up is okay but especially if you do not have a ride, you will find it a lot harder to plan or leave. Nobody wants to take a bus to go on a date.

2) Must have a sense of humor:

Having a sense of humor is an important trait to look for in a potential mate. If your date does not laugh often or even have some jokes of their own, it might be quite difficult to build comfortability with them. Wit is attractive. Look for someone who is smart and funny.

3) Must be chivalrous:

When they say chivalry is dead, it’s not. There are many eligible bachelors or bachelorettes that possess the manners and grace that is alluring for a potential companion.

4) Must be driven:

Being driven can be as simple as being a hard worker, having goals, or being involved in a cause or activity. This is a trait that is desirable and commonly looked for in a mate.

5) Must get good grades:

Getting good grades is not just a show of intelligence, which is attractive in its own respect, but it shows that the person you are dating is goal oriented and cares about their education. This more likely will put them in a place of opportunity to be successful in their careers later in life.

6) Must have good hygiene:

Hygiene is an absolute must. You can easily tell if the person who asked you out takes regular baths and combs their hair. Being clean not only makes you attractive but it shows that you care about your appearance, which is very important.

7) Must have style:

Style is much more than an expensive or overly fancy outfit, style has to do with being able to have an eye for what looks good. If the person who asks you out has no cares about their own appearance or what they wear, it’s not quite flattering that they have found you attractive.

8) Must be able to hold a conversation:

This is an obvious must. The ability to hold a conversation for an extended period of time is a good indication of one’s maturity level as well as interest in you. Let’s face it, this one cannot be overlooked. 

9) Must be family oriented:

When dating, it is extremely important to find out how that person’s relationship is with their family. Just by listening in on a phone call of theirs with a family member, will let you know how they treat important people in their lives.  

10) Must love animals:

It’s understandable if your date is allergic to pets, but if they are not, you should expect them to make comments about cute dogs that walk by or how much they love their own pet (if they have one). When someone loves animals it shows they care about more than just themselves but humanity.