Top 10: Songs That I Enjoyed This Summer



With great times come great music!

By Josh Fukumae, Staff Writer

Ever since I can remember, music has been a large part of my life. I would never consider myself to be a music connoisseur, but after a lot of digging I was able to find some new music, while uncovering up some of my old favorites. I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the songs that were on constant replay this summer.

1.) “Together” by Kaytranada stood out in particular because of the vocals from Aluna Francis (one half of the duo AlunaGeorge) and a verse from up and coming rapper GoldLink. Kaytranada is a producer who makes music with a lot of soul and he also gets some of the best vocalists on his tracks. What really drew my interest to this song was the bass line and percussion.

2.) Esta’s track, “$kyscrape (Sleaux’d)” was on constant replay. I recently uncovered this track from 2013. It’s really mellow, and it was part of my summer school study playlist. The drums and drum sequence really brought my attention to this track

3.) “Ya Own Way” by Mndsgn (pronounced “mind design”) was one of my favorites at first listen. The synthesizers and the bass lines on this track are what really brought this track to life. The chord progressions also are really nice and help the song to flow smoothly

4.) If you have been keeping up with music within the past year you’ve probably heard Major Lazer’s track, “Lean On”. The original was decent, but when local producer Mr. Carmack showed us his take on the track I was blown away. Carmack was able to completely change the feeling of the track, as his remix was a lot more grand and epic than the original.

5.) “Homage” by The Mild High Club was another one of my favorite tracks of the summer. It reminds me sort of something The Beatles would have made in the present day. It also sounds similar to artists like Mac Demarco and Good Morning, with the hazy, laid-back synths and guitars.

6.) Although it was released last summer, Tame Impala’s “Eventually” made its way back into my playlists. I really enjoy everything this band puts out, as I feel they haven’t put out a bad record yet. This track has one of my favorite chord progressions and some of my lyrics from a Tame Impala song.

7.) “Lilikoi Jam” by local vocalist Christ Moon is a nice little track. Her vocals and her harmonies just hit your ear in the right place, and her vocal range is out of this world. I saw her perform at a local Art + Flea event and have been a fan ever since.

8.) It’s been 4 years since Frank Ocean released his first album Channel Orange. I’ve been waiting in utter anticipation waiting for his next project and was thrilled when he dropped his new project, BlondePink + White” is my favorite track with dreamy production from Pharrell Williams and subtle but beautiful background vocals from Beyoncè.

9.) Another track that was played on repeat this summer was BadBadNotGood’s track “In Your Eyes” featuring vocals from Charlotte Day Wilson. This was the perfect song to listen to after stressful days at work.

10.) Even though it’s an old track, “Workin’ Day & Night” by former Honolulu hip-hop collective, Monarx is a phenomenal song. I like the simple, minimal production on this track. I also really enjoy the references, clever word-play, and cadence that is exhibited on this track.