All aboard the Trump train

Donald Trump is the leader among the Republican  presidential candidates and the likely individual to receive the partys nomination.

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Donald Trump is the leader among the Republican presidential candidates and the likely individual to receive the party’s nomination.

By Michael Wright, Staff Writer

I would be called a minority by the world around me. I am a 24-year-old Chaminade senior and U.S. Army veteran of mixed race from Tennessee.

However, I stand by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, regardless of the complexion of my skin. He demonstrates a bold character, a brutally honest nature, a love of freedom,  and an ability to produce results.

Trump is the current front-runner in the Republican presidential election process and the likely recipient of the party’s presidential nomination. He is the only presidential candidate worth voting for this election cycle. No other current candidate has given any reason for the people to believe he or she is not part of the corruption and incompetence that is plaguing our government.

Trump is the most controversial presidential candidate because of his politically incorrect and blunt statements. Most politicians are his enemies, in addition to the pope, business leaders, and multiple world leaders. All of this leads to the conclusion that he must not be affiliated with any of the idiot members of both political parties, which is ruining the country by bribing the people in exchange for political power.

One of the most communist events in the history of this nation just recently took place in Colorado and Wyoming. The Republican primary was won by Sen. Ted Cruz in each state before the voters could cast even one ballot. Instead, delegates were simply awarded to whichever candidate they chose. As a result, Cruz won those elections thanks to a set of communist voting procedures. The only candidate who condemned these “rigged” elections has been Donald Trump.

“So we have a rigged system,” said Trump on April 11 at his Albany rally. “So in Colorado, they were going to vote. And you saw what happened in Colorado, it is one of the big things. It’s a fix. Because we thought we were having an election, and a number of months ago, they decided to do it by … you know what. Right, right? They said we’ll do it by delegate. Do it by delegate. Oh, isn’t that nice?”

No other politician stood up and spoke out against this stupidity. Yet Trump, America’s boogeyman, was the only candidate who stood up for the freedom of the American people. The right of the people to have their voices heard through the election process is the foundation of any democracy. If the rules of a country say that it is legal for the government to pick its own successors, then it is a communist country.

The entire world may insult Trump, but he has been fair throughout the entire election. He has defended the voice of every American by calling out this blatant corruption. Trump has even gone as far as to rally the people to stand against this corruption with him. He is a leader.

“So it is a crooked, crooked system,” said Trump during his Albany rally. “So we think about democracy, we think about our country. Let me tell you a little secret as far as our country is concerned. We have democracy, but we’ve got to keep our democracy.”

Not only is he a patriot, Trump is also a proven businessman. He inherited a fortune worth more than $200 million and multiplied that 20 times over, according to Forbes. He understands what’s needed in order to be successful economically. He has even been able to turn bankruptcy into success on four different occasions. Trump knows how to bounce back, and that is exactly what we need. He is a winner.

Trump is no racist. He has condemned illegals for entering the country and attacked Mexico for such a lax border. However, he never condemned Hispanics who followed the law. This is simply a man seeking justice, which is perfectly understandable. Although his comments are highly controversial, Trump’s logic has been correct for all of his main running points.

Trump is not the perfect candidate, but he is a man who’s grieved by the state of his country and weeps. This man is a patriot who loves America and truly does want what’s best for it. He lacks any hint of fear while offending and condemning everyone he believes to be a threat, regardless of their social, economic, racial, religious, or political standing. He is a man with one mission: Make America great again.