Top 10: Restaurants near CUH


Brittain Komoda

Fresh Catch poke bowl with one scoop of white rice, spicy ahi and shoyu ahi.

By Brittain Komdoa, Staff Writer

Being a student at Chaminade University for the past three years, I was able to work my way through the abundant Yelp list of restaurants that surround my university. Whether I had a 20-minute break and wanted a quick bite to eat or just merely wanted a hearty meal to satisfy my hunger, I had my fair share of great eats. I haven’t tried some popular restaurants such as Uncle Bo’s or Shaloha, but I do have a good taste of the top 10 restaurants in a 1-mile radius of Chaminade University.

  1. Fukuya (0.9 miles away)

Fukuya is the perfect little okazuya. Nestled on King Street with only a few store front parking stalls, there is a constant flow of customers lining up to create their own bento. Choose as much or as little as you want because you pay by the items chosen. From chow fun to potato hash or the nori wrapped chicken, Fukuya offers various Japanese dishes that will make you come back for more. Be careful, though, it is only open from 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.

  1. Café Kaila (0.6 miles away)

A popular restaurant amongst Asian tourists, Café Kaila presents flavorful meals at any time of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast menu is the most popular, creating a long waiting line on weekend mornings, so get there early. Try the eggs benedict or sweet French toast.

  1. Dagon (1 mile away)

Feeling spicy? Dagon is the restaurant for you. Located on King Street and only open for dinner, Dagon creates Burmese-style cuisines that will leave ones taste buds happy and longing for more. The tea leaf salad is so rich in flavor and the spicy chili beef has the right kick and is paired perfectly with a bowl of jasmine rice.

  1. Tenkaippin Ramen (0.9 miles away)

With more than 220 chains in Japan, Tenkaippin only has one in Hawaii. Located on Kapahulu Avenue, it offers authentic ramen with ingredients shipped in from Japan. My favorite is the spicy miso ramen and the fried rice.

  1. Gina’s B-B-Q (0.6 miles away)

A popular lunch and dinner spot, Gina’s offers huge Korean style plate lunches. It is always a struggle trying to choose from all of the delicious sides, but whatever is chosen will keep your taste buds satisfied. Try the Gina’s Special but make sure to share it with a friend because it can feed two.

  1. Fresh Catch (0.3 miles away)

From poke bowls to fried ahi katsu, Fresh Catch is a one-stop poke picnic and tailgating deli. The fresh fish and abundance of flavors will have one buying everything. Redeem your HI-5 cans at RRR recycling next door and get 5 percent off your purchases at Fresh Catch.

  1. W & M Bar-B-Q Burger (0.2 miles away)

A small parking lot doesn’t keep customers from coming to W & M. The lines may be long, but it is worth the wait for these juicy bar-b-q burgers. The Hal Special is my favorite. A hamburger with layers of bar-b-q steak, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese with a side of fries please!

  1. Sprout Sandwich Shop (0.7 miles away)

The best sandwiches on the island hands down. Sprout uses mostly locally sourced ingredients and uses products that are compostable and made from renewable sources. Each sandwich is handmade when ordered and best eaten right after.

  1. Side Street Inn on Da Strip (0.9 miles away)

Bring all your friends, aunties, uncles and cousins because the portions at Side Street Inn are enormous and are served “family style.” The restaurant dishes out simply delicious comfort food in a relaxed environment. From kimchee fried rice to deep-fried pork chop or sizzling kalbi, your stomach will leave full and extremely happy.

  1. Ono Seafood (0.8 miles away)

A little store that holds such powerful demand and flavors, Ono Seafood is located on Kapahulu Avenue next to American Savings Bank. Known for fresh, never frozen ahi and tako poke, Ono Seafood lives up to its name of being so “ONO!” Try the poke bowl with half shoyu ahi and half spicy ahi and don’t forget your free can of juice or soda.