My 21-ounce acai purple Hydro Flask has changed my life


21 ounce and 18 ounce Hydro Flasks

Having heard about Hydro Flasks from peers, being persuaded by friends to invest in one, and seeing these bottles every where I looked, I made the decision to purchase a Hydro Flask and join the bandwagon. I went onto and ordered myself a Hydro Flask a couple weeks ago. I waited patiently for the bottle to arrive in the mail and once it did, I was hooked.

Two weeks later, I now bring my Hydro Flask with me everywhere I go, whether it is school, the gym, or even running errands. I always have my Hydro Flask in my backpack or in my purse.

My water bottle is never far from me and I am always drinking water from it. I bring it with me everywhere like it is my phone or my wallet. I am always careful while holding it because I am afraid of dropping and denting the water bottle.

I have noticed a big change in my life since I have purchased this Hydro Flask, from drinking more water than I normally did to saving money and not purchasing water at the stores anymore. I love how the water bottle does not leak or sweat.

What I love most about the Hydro Flasks is that this insulated water bottle is capable of keeping my water cold up to 24 hours. Not only can it keep all types of liquids cold, but it can keep other warm liquids heated up to 12 hours as well.

I used to own a CamelBak water bottle within these past few years. I only had my CamelBak water bottle on me when I was going to the gym or for a run. I have never had any complaints about my water bottle until I started using the Hydro Flask. My CamelBak water bottle did not keep my water cool for a long time, nor did I enjoy carrying it around.

Hydro Flasks are everywhere on the island as well as students at Chaminade University who have Hydro Flasks, and they are all over campus. After getting in touch with Jamie Ritter a junior majoring in Psychology at Chaminade and a Hydro Flask supporter, loves her 32 ounce, acai purple, engraved bottle she received from her mother for Christmas.

“I definitely would recommend this product,” she said. “It’s the only way to live your life.”

Hydro Flasks range in sizes from 18 ounces to 64 ounces. They come in a variety of colors, and come with clever accessories to boot. Not only has this company created an awesome product, but with each purchase they donate 5% to charity. The consumers of Hydro Flasks get to decide which charity to donate their 5% to. And one of the greatest perks that comes with owning a Hydro Flask water bottle is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This company has created an eco-friendly product and gives back to the community.

I am ecstatic about the purchase I made and I will continue to promote this product to other people. I can’t imagine life without my Hydro Flask.