Lucy’s Lab Creamery Offers a New Twist to Ordinary Ice Cream

Lucys Lab Creamery Offers a New Twist to Ordinary Ice Cream

Fruit Loop Vodka-Flavored Ice Cream at Lucy’s Lab Creamery

Lucy’s Lab Creamery is just what its name implies. Lucy’s Periodic Table of Ice Cream consists of five uniquely made ice cream flavors made from its “lab.” The choices that were made available this past weekend were Pumpkin Spice, Bacon Whiskey, Honey Lavender, Nutella, and Fruit Loop Vodka. This adorable, bright baby blue hole-in-the-wall is a perfect spot to stop by on a hot day in Hawaii.

What makes Lucy’s Lab Creamery so out of the ordinary are the alcohol-flavored ice cream such as Bacon Whiskey and Fruit Loop Vodka. They are made to savor the flavor of the alcohol but the actual alcohol is vaporized so anyone can enjoy these wonderful treats. The Bacon Whiskey is not so appealing. I get that the bacon adds texture and a crunch to the smooth ice cream. But my palette did not like the off-putting taste of the whiskey, followed by the saltiness of the little strips of bacon, and then the sweetness of the ice cream. On the other hand, the Fruit Loop Vodka is the winner between the two. The taste of the vodka is not so overpowering and the fruit loop flavor makes this savory treat taste like the milk you get at the end of the cereal bowl. You can even top your ice cream with fruit loop cereal to add as texture.

The small store located near Ward works in making the store a much more customer-friendly environment. There are benches outside where customers can enjoy their ice cream. Inside the store, there is not much room to move about.

Although with little space, customer service is paramount at this store as I was offered to sample its unique flavors. It has a mini menu on the wall to the left that explains everything you’ll need to know on the cost per size if you were to buy per scoop or as a pan de crème. It’s $1 per ounce scoop or $4.75 for the pan de creme. It also offer customers the enjoyable treat of mixing flavors, adding toppings and spreads. To the right is Lucy’s Periodic Table of Ice Cream and the available flavors are in the fridge.

If you’re looking for what gives more bang for your buck, the pan de crème is to die for since the cost seems reasonable without the hassle of charging per ounce. It’s a fixed price for your choice of ice cream flavor and you get to have it with your choice of spread, such as, Nutella, Strawberry, Guava, and Grape.

The sweet rolls and the ice cream is a match made in heaven. Many customers like the of this amazing treat. One thing to note is that the buns are toasted in the oven so the ice cream will melt right away. It’s best to gulp down this mouthwatering dessert while it’s still solid.

The downfall to this place is looking for street parking and the lack of a trashcan. If you want to avoid the hassle, stop by here on foot and choose between a sugar cone or pan de crème.