Top 10: Things procrastinators shouldn’t be doing right now


Every night when I try to do homework, I end up looking up videos on YouTube instead.

Nothing feels better after a stressful day than stripping off your pants, changing into lazy clothes, and do nothing even knowing there are things that need to be done. Not doing them has always been known as procrastination, and many people have this habit. I am guilty of doing this many times. These are the typical struggles that procrastinators go through all the time, every time.

Playing your favorite video game

All right, I have to finish this listicle for class. Maybe I should play some video games to de-stress so I can do a better job. (18 hours later) HA! Finally beat that boss. Wait what was I supposed to do?


Ok enough games. I should really focus on doing this. Oh, my boyfriend is on Skype. I haven’t seen him lately, I’ll check how he is doing. (12 hours later) Aw, he sent me links about puppies!

Cleaning the whole house

Now logging out of Skype, that isn’t helping me right now. But I should probably clean the dishes before I forget. Maybe do my laundry too and clean the bathroom and the floor needs dusting. (5 hours later)

Finding something

Now I can finally get some work done. Wait, where is my favorite pencil? I just had it, where did it go? Maybe it fell between the bed and the wall, I hate getting things out from there. (6 hours later)


Yay! Finally found my pencil. Now I can work on that listicle, if my stomach wasn’t growling. Okay, I’ll eat some food and then I can finish it. (1 hour later)

I need a nap

Ugh, I think I ate too much spaghetti this time. I feel a little sick. Maybe I’ll take a nap to some music on my iPod. I’ll probably feel better afterwards then I’ll finish that listicle. (8 hours later)

It’s the weekend!

Huh? What day is it? It’s Saturday? Awesome, maybe I can go do some errands and buy some things I’m running low on. Yay for the weekends. (2 days later)

Wandering thoughts

I think I got everything on my shopping list, now time to open Google Docs and work. Okay number one is done, only nine more to go and what are those miniature pitbulls called again? I swear I looked it up already and why do dogs hate baths so much? (2 hours later)


I get it now, thanks Google search. Now I need to continue, wait what did my sister tag me in on Facebook now? Oh my goodness, that is some awesome anime stuff. Like and comment, now what pins did she send me on Pinterest? These are so cute! Gotta like then repin these and seems more people are following my boards. (6 hours later)


Darn it! Facebook and Pinterest got me again. No fooling around this time. I know, I’ll go on YouTube and look up some good working music so I can focus. Wow there are a lot of subscription updates, I don’t want them piling up so maybe I’ll see what’s been uploaded. (18 hours later) That one was funny and the music was great. Maybe they have better things on their channel.

Wasn’t I supposed to do something? I can’t remember.