Adoption means saving lives


Pitbull mix, Kimo, in his home of 3-4 years after being adopted by the McCarthy’s.

“Everyone deserves a second chance” is not limited to people. According to, roughly 3,500 animal shelters in the United States with roughly 6-8 million cats and dogs entering them each year. But only 3-4 million find new homes, leaving the other 50 percent to either be euthanized or living in a kennel the rest of their lives.

For families looking for a new pet either for themselves or for their children, adopting from an animal shelter is a better option than buying from a breeder. You will actually help save a life that isn’t able to save itself.

Getting  an older dog has great advantages over a new puppy according to With older dogs they are already at their full size that can help accommodate to living restrictions such as certain weights and sizes. The dog’s temperament and health are also tested to be easily compared to any lifestyle. Also older dogs are easier to train as the dog will have some previous.

Older cats also have similar benefits especially when it comes to adjusting to their new homes. An older cat will not need as much supervision as a brand new kitten and will be much calmer during the transition from shelter to a new home.

Many animals in shelters are up for adoption because they have been tested for behaviors and health issues. An animal available for adoption has been screened for behaviors, are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and given all the updated vaccines. The shelters do that for free while getting a new puppy from a breeder add these costs on top of vet and living expenses. Acoording to , a dog costs $766-$10,350 in the first year and $526-$9,352 annually. Adopting removes up to $431-$1,610 from the initial expenses from owning the dog for the first year.

The volunteers that work for the animal shelters care for these animals and for any animal lover, its heart breaking and even soul crushing when you hear about animals getting euthanized or “put down”. If it was still perfectly happy and healthy, it is unacceptable.

If the only reason an animal is put down is because no one wanted them is one of the most inhumane reason ever heard. Animal shelters have capacity limits including the non-killing shelters. They cannot keep all the animals that come through their doors. If people adopted then they would go home with a new friend and open a space for another animal to have a second chance with a new family.

Dogs and cats come into the shelter mainly because of circumstances, mainly from their previous owners. Their previous owners want them to have a good home, not to be put down without them ever knowing. Many pet owners treat their pets like their own children, hearing a child had died greatly impacts their family.

Before answering that ad for a new litter of puppies, just take a moment and consider visiting your local animal shelter first. There could be the pet you have always wanted, waiting for you for less money and with the satisfaction of saving a life.