How to make your Spring Break count


Make Spring Break worth it and go lay out and get a tan.

Students look to spring break as time to let loose and enjoy being away from schoolwork and professors. Instead of resorting to activities involving alcohol and more alcohol, here’s a list of ways to make the most of your time off. These ideas are to encourage you to be more productive and active.

Clean out junk
As many students eat out during the week; stuffing leftovers into the fridge is convenient and sometimes helpful when you need a quick meal. What happens, though, when the food from two weeks ago gets pushed to the back of the fridge and gets left there? Take the time to clean up a little, whether it may be your fridge or your closet. Throw out old food and clothes that you don’t need. If any food is worth saving, make a donation to a homeless shelter or food bank. Donate your clothes to a consignment store or Salvation Army. For those students who have cars, empty out the wet towels and sand from your trunk. Give your car a wash and enjoy the sun while doing so. This may seem like a chore but it’s probably a good time to get it done.

Be productive
Students should donate blood to the Hawaii Blood Bank. It iss altruistic. Call and ask agencies if they need volunteers, such as the Hawaiian Humane Society. Do some volunteer work for a civic club or the Salvation Army. Take care of your taxes; April 15 is right around the corner. Make an appointment with H&R Block or go to and get it done. Spring break is an excellent time to start those New Year’s resolutions that have yet to be tackled. Try a new diet or come up with a workout regimen. For those who have been surviving on “Cup Noodles,” use your time to take a cooking class or pick up a recipe book and try making something in there.

Catch up on school and networking
School is probably the last topic anyone wants to worry about, but for some, assignments and studying needs to get done. Take time to do work for a class that has been difficult during the first half of the semester. Read through course material that you’ve been putting off thus far. It’s also a great way to get ahead with applying for internships. It’s not to late to get started on applications for internships because before you know it May will be here.

Start planning for your future
Students don’t always think about the future when it comes to breaks, but start planning early. Loans are extensive, and some may be a burden to think about, but by starting a budget, you could start saving now and not worry when the time comes. Another project to work on would be your résumé.  You don’t know when you’ll be handing that out, so have it ready to go at any time. For seniors, start networking with potential employers. Research companies of interest and see which are hiring

Take time for yourself
As many of you already have planned, take time out of the week to cater to yourself. You’ve worked hard for the first half of the semester, taking exams and being prepared for class. Now you’re able to unwind. Take a nap, spend time with your family and friends, go to the beach and get a tan.

Even if you can’t get them all done take the time to try a few. Make the most out of your time. Don’t lay up on the couch and camp on Instagram or Facebook all week. Get out of the house, be productive, and get yourself ready to come back to school in April.