21 but not ready to be 21


Role-playing games (RPG) have been popular video games to play. Yet should they be more important than current events?

I am 21 years old and legally considered an adult. I am now able to buy and drink alcohol without a problem but physical age and mental age are quite different. Physical age just refers to the body and how long it has been since our birth. Mental age is what concerns or the events you think about.

I’m realizing that now I am a 21-year-old woman yet my interests involve video games and the Internet. I don’t seem to be vigilant about healthcare, the environment, or anything to do with the government. In terms of these interest, I have the mental age of a middle school student.

It is an awkward situation knowing I’m misinformed about what is happening in the government or environment. It is also odd that the only news that I have read or heard about is Justin Bieber’s current screw up. All though I normally do not get concerned with anything, I’m starting to notice that this is a bad habit I have and that it should change. I’m an adult, I should start thinking like one, but at the same time I don’t seem to want to change. Perhaps it is the fear of change or maybe my mind is maturing later than others.

My roommate is thinking about her bills, her car and her two jobs along with college and her relationship. She intends on renting a house as I’m sitting there playing my video games and browsing the Internet for new art on Deviantart or watching the latest YouTube videos. This is the basic mapping out of my routine when I return to the dorm but it can be changed with difficulties along the way. Then again my generation seems to be afflicted with this ailment, some to a lesser or greater degree.

I believe it branches off from the teenage mentality that they are invincible until a harsh event breaks them from this delusion. When celebrities fumble with decisions, it is interesting to know people of such status can make errors.

The interest of other people may vary depending on their unique perspectives explaining why some people will read more about the government than entertainment news and vice versa. Under the veil of being misinformed or ignorant, I find myself unconcerned about the government and what it was doing to the world I will be living in as a true adult soon.

Making the transition between adolescence and adulthood can be treacherous and intimidating. Some young adults don’t want to face the transition and the responsibilities. Among those worries are careers, bills, living expenses and insurances that many young adults know little about how to confront them. The results could be a mix of varying family statuses and what we are taught or value.

I have fears that I will make the wrong choice and that it may cause trouble or that it will cause a problem that is hard to recover from. This fear is normal but some hesitate overcoming it. This stubbornness can’t ward it off, I will be facing the transition soon even if I won’t be prepared for it.