Crazy activities I want to do before I die


A person paragliding around the island of Oʻahu.

If a doctor told me that I have about a couple of weeks or a couple of months to live, I would make my final days count. Sure, I’ll tell my family and friends that I love them and spend some time with them. Before my time is up on earth, I want to go all out with bang by doing crazy activities from my bucket list.

1. Perform in a mosh pit
A mosh pit happens when crowds that dance enthusiastically to songs played from their favorite musical group. On January 26, I’ll be at the 2014 Pro Bowl All-Star Celebration. For the halftime show, the punk rock band “Fall Out Boy” will perform this year. I signed up for the upcoming event from an email by my residential life director. Not only I will get a free ticket of watching this year’s pro bowl, but also I’ll get to perform along side with one of my favorite bands in the world on national TV.

2. Re-enact a battle scene from “The Lord of the Rings”
From the film “Return of the King”, I would want to reenact the arrival of Rohan battle. For this battle, I would call the production designer of the franchise and order 2,000 orders of armor, horses, weapons, make-up and last, but not least battle horns. Plus I need the help of 2,000 people to play the humans, orcs, and hobbits. I’ll be the one who will direct the whole re-enactment and become either a human or a hobbit. This is a long shot of a crazy activity, but it just might work.

3. Kayaking through the Pelorus River in Marlborough, New Zealand
Inspired by “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” movie, I want to have a river race by riding in a barrel while being dressed as a dwarf. The Pelorus River is 25 miles long, so each 5 miles would include a mini game. The games are dodge ball, archery, paintball (that has biodegradable water bullets), water polo and knocking other dwarves out of their barrels. With all this stuff into one river race, I’ll call the event The Riverthon Games.

4. Flying around the world with a wingsuit
I’m still a bit shaky of being afraid of heights, but with enough training and adrenaline, I’ll come over that fear and will be able to wing suit into the air and land at each of the world monuments. Not only that, I’ll do it with a couple of other people so we can perfom synchronized formations to the beat of some songs that involves flying in general. Plus, I also want to beat the all-time records of formation, jump, and flight so I can leave my name in a future edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

5. A five-course meal of bizarre dishes to eat
The last meal I’ll eat before I leave this world will not be an old-fashioned steak or the best shrimp served on a silver platter. (I hate shrimp because I’m allergic to it) I want to have my meal with Bizarre Foods America’s host Andrew Zimmern. Zimmern has a list of his favorites dishes. What sounds good from his list are the goat butter burger, horse mane sashimi, sea urchin with lardo crostini, grilled tuna spines, and pork brain tacos. Lastly for dessert I would eat a Sultan’s golden cake involves marination of two years worth of Jamaican rum. People rarely eat these bizarre foods on a daily basis because it’s uncommon. It won’t even matter once I’m gone from this world. Might as well eat in an unusual style.