10 Extreme ways to break up with your boyfriend


Little does he know, she’s leaving him.

Breakups are never easy, but sometimes you just need to put an end to a relationship that has been dragging on for too long. In case you don’t know how to break up with your boyfriend, here are 10 ways to take it to the extremes.

1. Ignore him until he catches the hint
Making sure to ignore him for at least a week. That way you never need to actually face the problem, you can just run from it and hope it magically disappears. After the fifth day, it’s safe to assume he already thinks you no longer wish to be with him.

2. Use social media
Change your Facebook status so it is “FBO” (Facebook Official). Or write on his Facebook wall, “we’re over,” so everyone can read it. Better yet, post a picture on Instagram with an endless list of hashtags as the reasons why you’re leaving him. #sorrynotsorry

3. Change your phone number
This way he will never be able to reach you. As if he has no idea where you live? Since phones are so popular now days he’ll consider it breaking up because he can no longer get a hold of you. Perfect strategy.

4. Get a new guy
Start cheating on him with someone you’ve always dreamed of. Not only will it help you to get over him, but imagine what will happen when he finds out. Indeed it will put a stop to the relationship. Chances are you’ll never hear from him again.

5. Be annoying until he breaks up with you
Be a complete nag every day until he can’t take it anymore and says he’s done. Then the breakup won’t be on you, it will be on him. It’s always been on you, but technically you weren’t the one to say the words, “it’s over

6. Send him a text
There’s no need to face him. Just text him saying, “we’re done.” Who knows, he may be thrilled at the fact that you two never had to actually talk about it. The whole situation may go over a lot easier than expected.

7. Move out without saying anything
If you two live together, this would be a great idea. One day, when he’s either at work or out of the house, secretly pack all of your things and run for the hills. Then when he does come home, all sign of your belongings will be gone. He has to catch the hint then for sure.

8. Use an intermediary
Have one of your friends tell him. It would be so much easier for him to digest because he didn’t hear it from you. Using a middleman would alleviate the stress from both of you. You’re not actually looking at him as he’s hearing the shocking news, so for all you know he’s upset but smiling.

9. Write your message on a cake
Save the break up for a special holiday or birthday. Then order a cake and write on it, “Thanks, but we’re through.” Imagine how good the cake will taste after he finds out. Either that, or someone is going to be wearing the cake.

10. Take him to a public place
So neither person can make a scene, break up with him in a public place. A movie theater would be a great place. Right after the previews are finished and the opening scene of the show starts, lean over and whisper, “We’re done.” That way, he’ll be forced to stay quiet and pay attention. If he tries to talk about it, you could tell him, “sssh the movie’s about to start.”