WTV: Watered down television


America is on a “reality” wave with plenty of chaos to go around.

There seems to be a lack of quality television nowadays.

I don’t know about you, but I remember a time where shows had a lesson at the end and something that can be applied to real life. Topics such as cheating on a test, being a good friend and telling the truth were constant themes in animation and regular sitcoms as well.

Unfortunately in America, we’ve hit a “reality” wave where anyone can do stupid things and end up getting their own spinoff. Everyone is too worried about ratings and anyone can be famous for any little crazy stunt. Take me back to the ‘90s where quality over quantity television was the norm (Full House, Family Matters, even

Someone needs to explain to me how we’ve shifted to mindless entertainment. No longer do people need to be taught how to behave. People are getting paid to look pretty, act foolishly, fight each other and get intoxicated. Everyone knows drama is needed to make a good show, but if that’s all it consists of, it just gets chaotic and boring.

Let’s take “Basketball Wives” for instance, or should I say “Basketball Exes and Baby Mamas.” If they aren’t fighting each other, they’re drinking and gossiping which inevitably leads to fights. It’s a horrible cycle. These women are paid to be messy. High school girls all over America are doing the same thing that they are, but they’re just not getting paid for it.

According to Entertainment Weekly, much of the demographic tunes in to American Idol. One aspect of television that has yet, or will never be cancelled, are contests and competitive shows, such as “The X Factor,” “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “Who’s Got Talent.”

Nothing wrong with a little competition, it’s the American way after all. The first three seasons are exciting, nerve wrecking and entertaining. After the fifth season, these shows become repetitive and quite frankly, annoying. Of course Simon Cowell hates everyone; someone has to be the villain. Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato or some R&B pop diva will be the sappy judge who loves everyone. Then comes that one B-list star or washed up singer who is the middleman, or better yet the comic relief even though he isn’t that funny. Oh, let’s not forget the corny hosts too (I’m looking at you, Nick Cannon). These shows are too easy to predict.

I can’t even sit through an hour of television. I feel like I am losing brain cells watching Kim Kardashian cry over lost pair of diamond earrings in the Bahamas somewhere. I feel so bad for the children today. Even the cartoons are becoming more graphic with their content. As someone who was once a SpongeBob Squarepants fan at one point, I have to say that now it’s just dumb. SpongeBob was already an airhead, but now he’s just an idiot. I hope that someone will rise up and create quality entertainment and fast. Shows need meaning, lessons, and a proper storyline that doesn’t surround alcohol, petty drama and sex. Not that those aspects don’t occur in real life, but television should give us a glimmer of how people should behave, even if it’s not real.