I became a Netflix zombie


A Screenshot of The Walking Dead Netflix page.

For my history midterm, I received a D. Astonishment with a splash of anger and depression swirled up inside me once I saw that marked grade on the top of my paper.  Luckily, my professor told me that I could make up some points by writing an essay, which helped me a little bit.

But the bottom line is, I didn’t do well on my midterm because my eyes and feelings were glued to my computer screen when I was watching “The Walking Dead” on Netflix. It is the fifth show I became addicted to, and boy, did I pick a bad time to watch the latest season.

From Sunday through Wednesday, I watched four episodes each of those nights. The first few episodes were a bit slow, but then I watched the fourth episode titled “Killer Within.” Near the end of the episode not one but two characters from the main cast were killed. I was a little upset that one of favorite characters died that early.

I could’ve stopped and studied some more, or gone to sleep early. But I didn’t. I didn’t have the will power to close Netflix on my Mac. Every time a question pops up asking if I was are still watching the show. “The Walking Dead” once again killed me and made me reborn into a walker. I became that walker that was not only craving for blood and gore on screen, but also hungry for more episodes. I wish Netflix streamed the current season. They did it with the final season on the show “Breaking Bad”, and both shows are from produced from the TV company AMC. During class time, all I thought about was “The Walking Dead!”

Caring about the midterm on Thursday meant nothing to me until Wednesday night. When I was finished watching the season, I got a text from one of my neighbors. His text asked about borrowing my history book for the midterm. I came to my senses and start cramming for the midterm around 11 p.m. then went to sleep on midnight.

After taking the midterm, I was expecting a C based on what I’ve studied for a few hours. Too bad that didn’t happen.

We all watch certain TV shows and movies via live stream from Netflix, which can turn out from one hour to four or more hours of watching. Netflix is another addiction for all of us. The Huffington Post blogger Felice Shapiro wrote about her time of being addicted to the live streaming website.

“I had no idea that this simple pleasure would interfere with my day to day functioning but in fact, its tentacles have woven their way into my ability to get my work done and have affected my sleep,” wrote in from The Huffington Post.

Thanks to Netflix, my procrastination has increased. It’s not as strong from those four days, but that midterm grade became my wakeup call to shape up and use my Mac for more schoolwork instead of play.

The semester is almost over, and finals week begins on Dec. 9. I strongly advise for everyone to watch something on Netflix sparingly or just not watch anything on Netflix at all.