Supporting the troops


Thank you veterans.

Lets take a moment to appreciate the brave heroes who have fought and died for the freedom and protection of our country.

Packing their bags, kissing their family goodbye, going overseas and not knowing if they will return to support our country.

“It’s not that one day but as a community to come together to supports troops,” said Farid Teves, a 29-year old ex-Marine from Peru.

Veterans Day is an honorable day to think out of our perspectives and tap into those who have fought for our freedom.

“To recognize that somebody they didn’t know was in the military and express thanks,” Teves said.

This past Monday, Nov. 11 was Veterans Day, and this wass our time for us as a community to come together and show appreciation not only at Chaminade but everywhere.

This holiday should be celebrated year around not just one day out of the year.

“It should not just one day out of the calendar year to show appreciation to the military service but it’s more like to express to welcome other people and let them know we are supporting the service,” said Teves.

Teves was in Marine Corps for eight years. His job title was supply and administration for the first five years and a contracting specialist for the next three years.

Deploying to Iraq in 2007 was his first tour. The deployment was for seven months and their job title was supplying and giving support.

“Even though I wasn’t shooting the enemy or breaking down doors after doors. That is why I was humble when people say thank you for your service,” Teves said.

“Non-stop work,” Teves said. Which included holidays and Sundays. Fortunately, his job didn’t see much action being on base.

However, seeing the repercussions was another story.

“Take bodies out and blood was everywhere,” Teves said. “It was surreal.”

“When they see a military service they are not saying to me thank you directly they were thanking the whole service.” Teves said “the whole Marine Corps.”

Bill Bell, a 71-year-old Army Veteran, fought in the Vietnam War. Bell dedicated 23 years of his life to the military.

He believes Veterans Day is an important holiday to service men and women.

He fought Vietnam against the communists for the freedom for some of the countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Many fought and died for the freedom of the other countries.

Thousands died for Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines against the communists who would take over the area.

Bell is a strong believer in the war we are in right now.

Claiming spending millions of dollars looking for bones in the mountains and seas is stupid.

“All the bones in Vietnam are not worth one life of a service man or woman,” Bell said.

We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the support of our soldiers.

“It’s a time for everyone to pause and look at the sacrifices made by the veterans,” Bell said.