Let gays live their life


Same-sex marriage debate is still taking place in Hawaii.

If you don’t support same-sex marriage, don’t marry the same sex. It’s simple as that. On Oct. 28, the Hawaii State legislature held a special session on bill SB-1, to legalize same-sex marriage. The Senate has been debating this issue for more than a week and a half. The panel of senators has listened to approximately 7,000 testimonies on same-sex marriage. The bill has now been sitting in the hands of the House Representatives as of Nov. 8, waiting for a final vote on the bill.

This bill was voted on in 1998. Time is being wasted. Same-sex marriage shouldn’t even need to be debated any longer. There are far bigger issues, such as school systems, homelessness and drugs, that Hawaii should be concerned about.

Homosexuals are subject to paying taxes and abiding by laws, but they aren’t able to marry the one they love, it makes no sense. Times have changed. It is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Homosexuals, who are citizens of this country, should be allowed the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples regardless.

People have nothing better to do than stand in a line, to voice their opinions about a bill that is most likely going to be passed. If people think that standing around waving a sign will turn homosexual people straight they should just give up.

People bring up the topic about religion, and that letting two people of the same sex get married goes against God and the Bible. Majority of protesters quoted the Bible. Well in the Bible, it also says that you are not to have sex before marriage, not to commit adultery, and to love one another till death do us part, yet people still end up getting a divorce.

An issue to address is that gays will stay married longer than heterosexual couples. Some heterosexual couples give marriage a bad name. Kim Kardashian married NBA player Kris Humphries for a total of 72 days and is not criticized for it. But a gay couple that has been together for more than 20 years wants to get married and they can’t because it’s a disgrace. Live your own lives and let others live theirs.

People need to not worry about what is going on with other people. If it has nothing to do with you, be quiet. Most of the protestors who spoke at the special session touched on the religious aspect, education, and how it will need to be taught to children. If two people are happy together, that’s all that matters.

The problem here is with the benefits that gays will receive once they’re married. I agree with these benefits. Homosexual individuals are required to pay taxes and abide by laws. Therefore homosexuals should be allowed to marry someone and enjoy the benefits of paying fewer taxes and federal compensation.

Marriage is a simple human right and it shouldn’t matter if a man and a man are getting married, or a man and a woman, all that should matter is that they love one another and abide by the law. Even though there are others arguing against same-sex marriage, the right to marry should not be taken away from a law abiding individual regardless of who they love.