Silver Lining Playbook film Review


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The Silver Lining Playbook (2012)

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Rober De Niro, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker

Director: David O. Russell

Bradley Cooper stars as a mentally ill middle-aged man named Patrick  Solatano Jr. who suffers from “Undiagnosed Bipolar,” which was caused by an incident with his ex-wife. After being placed in a mental institution for several months, Pat Jr. (name being called in the movie) works to become a more stable human-being in order to reunited with his wife Nikki played by Brea Bee. While in the process of being reintroduced to society, through dance, Pat Jr., gains a new identity from a mentally scarred woman name Tiffany played by Jennifer Lawrence, who falls for him as well.

David O. Russell transforms a non-fiction book about mental health problems written by Matthew Quick by highlighting the challenges of the disorder using Drama, Romance and bits of comedy.

This film challenges the viewer to think beyond the normal human reactions and dialogue to convey instability of each of the main characters. Robert De Niro(Patricio Solatano Sr.) plays a superstitious football fan, with compulsive gambling habits and a father with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Jennifer Lawrence also known as Tiffany, acts as widow mourning her husbands death by sleeping with her coworkers before she was fired and now seeks to help Pat Jr. Jacki Weaver plays Dolores, Patricio’s wife and Patrick’s mother. Dolores is a mother that enables different aspects of Patrick and Patricio’s disorders. Chris Tucker plays Danny, a cheerful character with Attention deficit disorder also known as ADD.

After interviewing a mental health professional to get their opinion on the accuracy of the depiction of the mental health issues played by the actors. Marita Padilla, a fourth year clinical psychology doctoral candidate and therapist at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center said,

“The film “The Silver Lining Playbook” was an excellent depiction of the day-to-day struggles someone with mental health issues encounters. Bradley Cooper does a great job displaying the manic symptoms associated with bipolar, and in severe enough cases psychosis will be present. Psychosis is not just hearing voices or seeing things other people don’t hear or see, it is the lack of being present in reality and this movie really highlights the transition that someone with bipolar disorder needs in order to be a healthy, more integrated being. As for Jennifer Lawrence, she really stole the show and did an outstanding job depicting the life of someone with a personality disorder. While the movie never specifies which disorder she has, she 100% represents the diagnostic criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder from the hyper-sexual behavior to the real and imagined fears of abandonment.”

The film was shot to produced to support The Center for American Progress Press Conference. Bradley Cooper announced in an interview done January 31, 2013 at The Center of American Progress event and said, “If I could do one thing it is to raise awareness.”

“The Silver Lining Playbook,” is a great movie that inspires me to think about a saying “Behind every dark cloud there’s a silver lining.” (Unknown) I enjoy the way David O. Russell highlights the romance in dance and how it brings two individuals together in an intimate manner.