21 and still no driver’s license


It’s always better to get your license instead of waiting until the last minute.

Most people love the luxury of driving themselves around and not waiting on other people or the public transportation.

By the time most people turn 16, they want the brand spanking new car. Most of the time, when kids turn 15, they’re trying for the permit and then the provisional.

Then there’s me, 21 years old with a permit that I’ve had since I was 18.

I’m old enough to buy and consume drinks for people 21 years and up, yet I can’t even drive myself to school.

Extremely embarrassing.

It’s sad to admit that my younger brother, who’s two years younger than me, got his provisional then license by his senior year of high school.

Although, being without a license is not all bad.

I can drink and not drive. I will never have to worry about driving under the influence if I can’t drive legally.

Not being able to drive also saves me a ton of money

If I could drive, which would be the car my brother goes joy riding in, the car would eat up about $50 dollars of gas a tank. By catching the bus, I’m saving hundreds of dollars and the environment.

Since Chaminade gives full-time students a free bus pass that lasts the whole semester, I can catch the bus for free every day.

The negative side of this is the shame and criticism of always being judged for not having a license.

This does not extend just from family but from work as well. All my coworkers ask me when I’m going to get it and constantly ask me how old I am to show that I should have it already.

It gets irritating at times but I take it.

Having to rely on my parents, friends and boyfriend for a ride gets very tiring after awhile. The waiting is the worst part. Constantly having to wait on another person instead of just driving to places like Ala Moana or Waikiki by myself is annoying.

What gets me the most is TheBus.

I love public transportation, but I hate how it’s never on time. Some days relying on it is fine, then there are the days when the bus disappears off the face of the earth. It never shows up.

The moral of the story is to get your license. Don’t be like me.