Top 10: Addicting TV series on Netflix


With its suspense, mystery and drama, “Pretty Little Liars” will keep you guled to your couch.

It is no surprise that college students take personal days once in a while. Some days are because of last-minute papers needed to get done, or just a day to do nothing. Netflix always comes in handy when college students decide to take a nothing day. These are top 10 never leave your couch TV shows on Netflix.

10. “Walking Dead”
This show is about zombies and surviving a zombie apocalypse. If you ever thought about being on Doomsday Preppers or desire to be a zombie, this show will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.

9. “Weeds”
This show makes you think that selling drugs would be so much easier than working four year toward a degree. We should all dropout of college and become hot widows that ends up having her next two husbands killed because her obsession with drug trafficking.

8. “Pretty Little Liars”
Who is “A”? A group of friends are in search for who killed one of their best friends while being blackmailed at the same time. Not to mention the fact that they are all physically in danger. Each episode ends with someone in a black hoodie, who we think is “A,” giving you a hint about next episode.

7. “Glee”
Reliving dorky high school years isn’t something everyone would want to think about, but “Glee” reflects on high school in a different light. What makes this show special is the typically odd students that Glee focuses on. Unpopular kids are encouraged to push and strive through music and dance when picked on.

6. “Lost”
In “Lost,” an airplane crashes onto an island, that isn’t in any way one of the Hawaiian islands, and starts to experience abnormal events. For example, right when the airplane crashes, a once paralyzed man suddenly can walk, also later down the road he turns into black smoke. At the end of every episode, the title is instantly shown again, reminding you that you are exactly “Lost” with what is happening.

5. “Family Guy”
If you haven’t watched at least one episode of this show then you are living under a rock. Only one word describes this show, which is random. Even though “Family Guy” is a cartoon, so much spontaneous humor feels almost child-like, but the sexual jokes keep the show in the PG ratings.

 4. “South Park”
Although this show is about four 9-year-old boys, don’t think “South Park” is for little kids. The harsh language gives the show that adult humor but also attacks how society can obsessed over ridiculous fads or people.

 3. “Arrested Development”
This show is about a crazy family you’re glad you don’t have and which makes you appreciate your own family. Although most people may not have a rich father that is consistently in and out of jail or a brother who is in love with Liza Minnelli, I’m sure if you feel like you are the only normal person in your family, you will enjoy this show.

2. “The Office”
This show’s title speaks for itself. It is a staged reality series about a typical day at a paper selling company exaggerated. One character that makes this show just a little more special is Michael Scott, the boss. Scott is the very boss that will call “conference room five minutes,” only to find out that he has nothing to say about paper but it’s his birthday and everyone should stop working and party all day.

 1. “How I Met Your Mother”
This is a show about a man telling a never-ending story to his future children about how he met their mom. Although this show is a sitcom, it features a lot of real-life experiences and lessons. With every episode that is watched, you’ll finish with asking yourself each time, “When does he meet ‘the one?’”