Pablo is getting ready for the Holidays!

Having a dog can really change a college student’s life around. I have been in college for the last four years, and a year ago I realized I needed a change. I felt like I was getting older but staying young, my responsibility was not growing and being careless just became consistent.

Living in a beautiful house as a college student is great, it is a privilege, especially when you pay a cheap rent. The difficult part is keeping it clean and respecting it. Getting lazy, telling yourself, “I’ll do it later” can only get you so far. Living in a dorm you can’t really respect your surroundings because your surroundings don’t respect you. Transitioning from a college dorm to a house was terrible but fortunately for me Pablo found me.

I found Pablo stranded on the beach one weekend and decided to take him home. He was a baby and abandoned. The only weird thing is that Pablo seemed to make the biggest impact on my life more than I did on him. Living with four women in a three-bedroom house can be very crazy especially when your the one guy in the house. Thankfully for me, Pablo was a boy and he kept me company at all times. Cleaning the house, feeding my great friend, saving some money to the side, made me realize how I already began to change.

A dog needs attention, care, and respect. No matter how bad a dogs day been, he or she will always love you and show you. On a great day you might not notice because of your own happiness, but on those bad days when your not on your best day, your dog will be there.

Valentina Basile said, ” Having someone to come home to that doesn’t yell at you is always a plus.”

Prioritizing my day around Pablo and making sure he’s well cared for helped me perform better in school as well as just make me a better person.

Young college students will never have time for a dog. I am happy Pablo found me towards the end of my college days, if he would have came along through my life when i was 19, it would have been bad news bears. There is a transition to every mans life in college, the transition is becoming a boy to a man. men make decisions, tough decisions, but the right decisions. Pablo brought me to the conclusion that he’s making me more of a man than i thought I would be in college.